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Sep 30th

Sarah: Mother of Israel (Isaac)

Most of us know it, as one of the fist Old Testament sagas. The story unfolds like a soap opera, 'Days of our Disobedience'! When God made a very special promise to Abraham and Sarah, even though they were old, God came through! Every good story has a few shenanigan's from the "promisee's".

We find Sarah, a princess married to a wealthy man-Abraham, barren and miserable without child. She was undoubtedly mocked by the women in her town, but she was also looked down upon by religious leaders. In those days women who had no children were thought to be cursed and unclean before God. Some women were even stoned at their husbands' request. Yes, Sarah needed this promised child.

A few things about Sarah; She was really old. Regular life expectancy was around 40 at best, during the early days of the first spoked wheel and the first horse-drawn carriages. Sarah was 65 at the time of God's promise and 90 at the child's birth. She was the instigator behind the ungodly (but not uncommon) union between Abraham and Hagar the Egyptian slave girl, who would later bare the first of Abraham's children Ishmael. Sarah was intensely jealous of Hagar and her child, so much that Sarah treated Hagar very badly and she eventually ran away taking Ishmael with her.

So, Sarah was far from perfect and she had a big fat monkey on her back. She needed a child, preferably a son. What "monkeys" are hanging on you? Sarah grew old with hers; she blamed herself, others and God. She developed deep resentments and grew weary from years of failed expectations. Maybe yours is a family secret, or abuse, or maybe you're poor, or rich and don't feel like you deserve it, maybe you're too heavy, or too thin, maybe you just need a child too.

Whatever it is, we all have something we carry around with us, just like Sarah did. God promised Sarah there would be a resolution to her ailment, but she dragged resentment, anger, helplessness, fear, and sore bitterness around with her the majority of her life.

God has promised us many of the same things He promised Sarah. She saw the answer to her prayers come to fruition because she prayed through her circumstance, even the ones she created, and remained faithful. You can do the same. Pray for what you need, God is listening!

Christ came to give life and to give it in abundance. Your seed may not be like the stars in the sky, but no situation is too big (or too small) for God. Be encouraged, dear sister, the Lord of Lords is waiting for you.






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