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Sep 30th

Doyline family donates land


Every student's favorite subject in school is probably recess, and the Disotell family wants to ensure children at Doyline school continue to have a place to play.

"I am so thankful for the Disotells," said the Doyline area school board member Penny Long. "They donated land specifically for a playground for the elementary children. The family is so passionate about Doyline; we are very grateful to have people like them in our community."

The merging of Union Elementary in to Doyline High School campus created a Pre-K through 12 at a location that is without many of the comforts typical of elementary schools, such as a play ground.

"My husband, David, grew up right next to the school," Chasity Disotell said. "He has always said it was a great place to grow up, and we all want to make sure that continues."

Chasity and David have three children who attend Doyline school and she said it is important to support the school as a parent and a community member.

"Our kids will be able to use the playground, but it is also about providing for the other kids and our town," she said.

According to Chasity, David's mother, Lanita, initially bought the property between their home and the school.

"She bought it a while back, but let the property go," Chasity said. "At some point someone bought a portion of the lot, and we recently bought it back just so we could donate it to the school."

Chasity said the lot needs work but is hopeful another community member can help.

"We are looking for someone to donate their time or resources to clearing the strip so we can turn it into a playground," she said. "I think we might be able to find someone; this community is real close. If it benefits the kids, we all try and do whatever we can for their benefit."

Long and the Disotells both said they hope to find a way to bring some of the playground equipment to Doyline school from Union, but that funding will be needed to move any equipment and to purchase new equipment.

If you would like to donate time or resources, contact Long at 422-6120 or 745-6171.






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