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Oct 01st

Superintendent list whittled down to three

Steve_Dozier_mug_colorThe superintendent of Webster Parish schools will be one of three candidates selected Monday night by the Webster Parish School Board.

Steve Dozier, of Ruston, was the overall winner of votes and the only candidate to have the support of all 12 board members, while Morris Busby and Jackie Sharp were both nominated by seven board members.

David Phillips and Kevin Washington each had five votes in their favor, but these votes were not enough to promote them to the top three.

The process to select the top three candidates was as follows:

Each board member was given a ballot to write in the names of three candidates they would most like to see as superintendent, in no particular order.

Each board member was required to sign the ballot.

busby_morris1_copyBallots were counted and read to the audience.

Each time a candidate's name was read, that candidate received a vote.

The three candidates with the most votes were selected as the top three.

The votes were as follows:

Ronnie Broughton: Busby, Dozier and Washington

Brandon Edens: Busby, Dozier and Sharp

Ouida Garner: Dozier, Phillips and Sharp

Robert Holloway: Busby, Dozier and Sharp

Johnnye Kennon: Dozier, Phillips, and Sharp

Jackie_on_PacificLinda Kinsey: Dozier, Phillips and Washington

Penny Long: Dozier, Phillips and Washington

Jerry Lott: Busby, Dozier and Sharp

Frankie Mitchell: Dozier, Phillips and Washington

Malicai Ridgel: Busby, Dozier and Washington

Charles Strong: Busby, Dozier and Sharp

Bruce Williams: Busby, Dozier and Sharp

"We will have our attorney perform background checks of the final three candidates and we will have the results before tomorrow night," board president Johnnye Kennon said.

The board will meet again tonight at 6 p.m. to select the superintendent. After the selection, the board president and vice-president will begin contract negotiations.

According to board attorney John Guice, parts of the contract are "set."

"Things like retirement and health benefits are automatically offered to the position," he said. "But other things such as yearly salary, car allowance and the length of the contract are negotiable."

Guice said the term length was at the discretion of the board and mentioned that two, three and four years are typical.

After the contract terms are reached, it will come back to the board for approval.

Official start date of the new superintendent will depend on who is selected and the contract terms.

Webster Parish Schools have been without a superintendent since the first of June. Sharp has been serving as Interim Superintendent since that time. Busby is currently the Secondary Supervisor for Webster Parish schools, and Dozier is Superintendent of Union Parish schools.

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