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Oct 01st

Adley bids to keep seat

AdleyPhoto-PressRelease_080311Louisiana Senator Robert Adley, R-Benton, is announcing his bid for re-election to District 36.

"As we all watched while our nation's future hung in the balance in Washington, I could not help but be reminded of how blessed we are in Louisiana," Adley said. "In the past four years, we have cut both taxes and spending in Louisiana as we have maintained a level of basic government services that encourage investment and job growth while protecting the truly needy.

As senator, Adley has sponsored and passed legislation that cut taxes, helped create a skilled labor force, brought jobs to the region, honored veterans, demanded greater ethics of elected officials and fostered greater transparency in government.

"We have attracted new industries and saved existing businesses in northwest Louisiana," he said. "Together, we have created and saved more than 1,000 jobs in Senate District 36."

Shreveport-Bossier ranks No. 3 out of top 10 cities to live, work and make movies.

"Working together, we have improved our quality of life in District 36 by keeping the hospital in Springhill open, opening a new health clinic in Ringgold and opening a hospital in Arcadia," he said. "We are fighting to keep our lakes and our water clean. And we are building technical colleges to train our people and attract even more jobs."

Adley said he feels there is more to be done.

"The fight to take back our schools from federal government mandates looms large before us," he said. "We must remain vigilant as we battle to preserve existing jobs as we work together to grow our economy, while maintaining our enviable quality of life."

Due to term limits, Adley is announcing his intention to seek a third and last term as state senator.

"It has been an honor and a joy to work with you to keep northwest Louisiana strong during what may prove to be some of the worst times in our nation's history," he said. "We Louisianans succeed because we have a strong faith in God, our country, our state and its people. It is these strengths born through faith that have helped us weather natural, man-made and economic disasters as we build a better future."

Adley said representing his district has been a humbling experience.

"And it is with deep humility that I ask you to allow me to continue to work with you and for you as your state Senator," he said. "Together we will keep northwest Louisiana strong and her future bright."






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