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Sep 18th

Coffee: Good for more than just waking up

When T.G.'s on Hwy. 531 put their pansies on sale, I purchased 5 flats. Being inexperienced I did not realize that was many more pansies than I needed for my two garage sale clay pots. I planted what I needed and shared the rest with my sister-in-law, Ava. You see I am a beginner since Mac use to take care of those sorts of things.

I researched caring for pansies on the internet. I learned they need an acetic soil and one of the ways this can be attained is by using 1 part leftover coffee to 4 parts water. This works well for me because Mac likes sipping on coffee throughout the day. We usually have plenty of coffee leftover by the end of the day. If it has not rained, I use this solution for the pansies as needed.

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