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Oct 02nd

Suddenlink upgrading in Sibley

Suddenlink has announced it is starting a process to upgrade technology in Sibley as one part of a larger, three-year, company-wide program that calls for approximately $350 million of capital investments above and beyond the company's traditional capital spending levels.

This effort will provide local customers with an all-digital TV lineup, and eventually make available hundreds of new channel options, high-definition (HD) TV, video on demand (VOD), digital video recorders (DVRs) and faster Internet speeds.

The first phase of the local work will facilitate a new, all-digital TV lineup.

Digital TV features superior pictures and better sound quality. The transition to this new lineup will be complete by the end of July.

At that time, Suddenlink will discontinue traditional analog transmission and send programming only in the new digital format.

Customers will be notified in advance of this change that they may need digital adapters – also known as "DigitaLinks" – which enable digital channel viewing.

The company will provide DigitaLink devices for all customers' TV sets that require them. There is no up-front fee or monthly charge, and customers who do not wish to install these devices on their own can schedule professional installation through Suddenlink.

Suddenlink will notify local customers multiple times about the conversion to the new digital lineup and the need to get digital adapters.

DigitaLink devices are available now and customers who install them will be able to immediately get an all-digital lineup.

Customers can obtain DigitaLinks by visiting Suddenlink's Sibley office at 5418 Highway 164 or by calling 888-628-9051.

Suddenlink customers who own newer TV sets with built-in QAM digital tuners** may be able to re-scan their sets and get the new digital lineup. However, the services and channel numbers from the re-scan will be those of the new digital lineup.

The transition to new digital service will take place essentially in two phases. "Phase one" is under way and ends with the full switch to all-digital transmission by the end of July.

During this time, Suddenlink customers can get company-provided DigitaLinks and install them to begin getting a digital TV lineup.

The new digital lineup includes services not available before, such as Fox Sports Plus, Cox Sports, Speed, truTV and others:

"Phase two" begins with the switch to an all-digital lineup at the end of July. Several new service options that require a Suddenlink high-definition (HD) or digital set-top box also will be available at that time, including:

n Access to more than 275 new digital channel options, including added sports channels like NFL Network and ESPNews, premium channels like HBO and Cinemax, news and information channels, movie and children's programming, and music and Spanish language channels.

n Numerous HD TV channels, which offer a widescreen format, similar to a movie theater, with distinctly sharper images and better sound quality than standard TV.

n Digital video recorders (DVRs) that allow viewers to pause live TV shows and resume viewing when convenient, record up to 30 hours of programming, and record one show while watching another. (A DVR also serves as a digital receiver and set-top box for new Suddenlink digital video programming options.)

n An interactive programming guide with channel listing and program information.

Added information about Suddenlink services is available by going to suddenlink.com and entering an address and zip code.






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