Minden Press-Herald

Sep 30th

Oldies But Goodies

For many of us, this expression means "our kind of music, movies or books".

Each generation is drawn to those favorite memories that have stacked up in their memory banks to make us the person we are today.

If you are my age, you will have a list of favorite songs, some popular books and a top 5 movie list, no doubt.

Our children have their own "oldies but goodies" as does our grandchildren.

It happens with every generation I am sure. We can't pour 'new wine into old wineskins' though, as hard as we try!

However, there are threads that link generations together that cannot be denied.

Heritage, legacies, cultural traits and inheritances are very important to all. It seems we become more acceptable as we ages to be "a little like mama or daddy'.

In fact, many of us find those observations complimentary - to a point.

"You have your father's chin, your mother's smile, you sound just like your cousin, etc." - lines heard at reunions, funerals and other get-togethers.

What a compliment when we hear "that was a godly deed, your life is a testimony of God's power to change hearts, etc."

Scripture teaches us to 'honor our parents, place them in high esteem, and obey them as unto the Lord".

Of course, this will always bring rewards from our Heavenly Father.

He provides a 'sacred sieve or filter' to separate the trow-aways from the keepers as we move on through life. Too many of us, including me, find it difficult sometimes to let go of those things we need to discard.

Paul admonished believers to cast off things that hinder them from running the race more clearly.

His words are still applicable today. We may be clothed with many "oldies but goodies" but they may not be helping the cause of serving the Lord.

Perhaps we should review or "oldies but goodies" list and see how we can clean up, clear out, our all-important collection.

We may need to make our lives a little lighter, less cluttered,  as we move on toward the reality of our "heavenly rewards" where affection for stuff will be nil.






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