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Oct 02nd

“Why I Love My Family” Summer Art Camp Stories

Why I Love My Family
By: Haley Gray, Age 10

Well, it all started about three years ago. My mom and dad got a divorce. I love them both, which is why it was kind of hard on me. I was, on a scale of 1-10, a 6 at first because they have broken up a couple of times before and we had to go live and stay in different houses and sometimes other towns. But, when I heard he wasn't coming back, it turned into a 9 and 3/4. I knew everything would be ok when they both told me they loved me, and always will, and we all sat down and talked about it.

Then, about a year ago, my mom met a handsome man named Jery. He is awesome and funny. He also has two kids, a beautiful 7 year old girl named Lexie and a handsome 8 year old boy named Hunter. I love them all. They got married about 6 months ago on January 29, 2011. Then, a couple days later, it was Hunter's birthday on February 11.

Those are some of the things I love about my family: like adding new members, just like my one year old baby sister that was happily born on September 7, 2009. Also, having things like birthdays and holidays. We sometimes don't have the money to celebrate it, but we somehow find the money. Even if it's just a chocolate cupake with a candle or a fancy dinner, to a big family public party. That's mostly with my mom, so that's what I love about my mom's side of the family: that no matter what kind of debt or any problem we have, they will put it on a solution and come through with whatever they set their minds to.

Then, about my dad is a whole different story. He might not always give us things we want, or big parties, or almost anything like my mom does, but he loves me unconditionally, so I have to do the same and want to do the same. He does things with us, but I don't see family like that. I see them as who they are and as much as they love you. That's why I love him as much as he loves me. I also have a big brother named Mac. He almost only plays video games, but I love him anyway.

As you can see, there are just a few reasons I love my family, both sides.

Why I Love My Family
By: Merry, Age 11

I love my family! They’re crazy, wild, wacky and fun. If I had to pick favorites, I guess it would be my dad, sister, mom and cousin. But it is hard to choose.

My dad is awesome! I love him so much. He is crazy and the funny one in the house. He keeps us all in line.

My sister is the one I would say I could count on the most. She’s always cracking a joke and making me laugh. Some people say your name means a lot about you. Well, her name is Rendi and it’s unique, just like her.

My mom... well, she is the one you would think is my sister. We get in fights sometimes, but at the end of the day we still love each other. She’s awesome and understands almost everything. I love my mom. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

My cousin’s name is Abbie, and (just like mine) it’s spelled wrong. Our parents did that because they wanted us to be unique. I love Abbie to death. She’s just like Rendi. She’s very special to me.

Why I Love My Family
By: Dylan Reeve, Age 11

My name is Dylan Reeve. My family is very big. I have family members all over the world. Some of my family members are my grandma, uncle, cousins, aunt, mom and dad. These are some things about my family.

My parents are fun. My parents are very nice. My parents let me do a lot of things. My parents let me have friends over all the time. Those are some things about my parents.

My family members are fun. Some live near; some live far. My family members are all nice. Those are some things about my family members.

Spending Time With My Family
By: Hallie, age 7

I am blessed with a family who loves me. M Papaw brings me to Arts Camp each day. He encourages me to read books. He paid for me to be in the Harvest Queen Pageant. I wore a beautiful blue dress that Uncle Mike’s mom gave me. It had a belt, a vest and a pink flower.

It’s fun to play the Wii with my parents. My mom and I enjoy playing “12 Games of Fun.” We use noddle sticks to knock each other in the water.  Whomever gets two points wins! 

My dad and I like the very best game onthe Wii because we get to fly airplanes. Sometimes we bowl on the Wii. I pretty much win each game.

I’m so happy when we got to places. Chuck E. Cheese and the water park are the best of all. This summer we are going to Sea World! No matter where we are, I’m glad to be with my family.

Why I Love My Family
By: Roxy Easley, age 11

My name is Roxy. I have two sisters: Layla and Jess. I also have two grandparents and two parents. I have one aunt.

The first two people I want to tell you about are my sisters. Me, Layla, and Jess are triplets. My sister, Layla, is very artistic and athletic. My sister Jess is very creative.

The second two people I want to tell you about are my grandparents. My grandma has a very large garden. My grandpa makes wood carvings. He usually sends is Christmas ornaments that he carved.

The third two people I want to tell you about are my parents. My mom works ar McInnis Brothers. My dad is a photographer and owns a frame shop. My dad also likes to build things for me and my sisters.

The fourth person I want to tell you about is my Aunt Sue. She makes and sells dolls. Once, for Christmas she made me and my sisters dolls. She made me and Jess fairies and Layla a cat woman.






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