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Oct 02nd

Harper gets WEEF grant

Next year, students at Harper Elementary will benefit from a literacy grant awarded to educator Stacy Brown.

Brown’s first grade class at Central Elementary School has already had the opportunity to work with materials the grant purchased.

“The children in my class were so excited and motivated during center rotations,” Brown said. “The first thing the kids would ask me each morning was what our centers would be that day.  They were always curious, excited, and very motivated during literacy centers and whole group instruction.”

The project, Literacy Skills Amplified, and grant allowed Brown to purchase many hands-on literacy activities, games, and supplies.

The grant is funded by Webster Education Endowment Foundation (WEEF) and The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) Mini Grant Program.

“The purpose of my project was to supply our classroom with hands-on literacy manipulatives, so the students could actually manipulate and put skills into practice,” Brown said.  “I purchased literacy games and manipulatives that could be used during our center rotations.  I also purchased answer boards and vocabulary games to use during whole group activities.”

In total, Brown was able to purchase 48 literacy games and units of manipulatives.

“All children do not learn in the same way,” Brown said. “Worksheets alone do not meet the needs of every student in a classroom.

“For example, some children can learn their spelling words by completing spelling practice worksheets,” she continued. “However, most students are hands-on learners and they would benefit more from spelling out words with magnetic letters or writing their words with their index finger into sand trays.  Most children have to see, touch, and manipulate things to develop an understanding.”

Brown received the materials about halfway through the school year, and began using them immediately.

“I never anticipated for the children to become so motivated,” Brown said. “They absolutely love working with these new materials, and they seem more motivated during center time.  They never get tired of center work, because I have the materials and supplies to switch out my centers daily.”






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