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Oct 01st

Standoff ends well

Chad_OliverA standoff with deputies and a fugitive from Bienville Parish ended well for law enforcement in the early morning hours Friday. But 38-year-old Chad Oliver of Minden will be sporting bruises for quite a while.

Oliver is listed in fair condition at LSUHSC after he was struck twice with a bean bag gun and then tased. When released, he will be charged with two warrants on child support and as a fugitive from the Bienville Parish Sheriff's Office.

Webster Parish Sheriff's Chief Deputy Bobby Igo, Jr. said deputies resorted to the bean bag weapon when all other attempts to talk a gun away from Oliver failed.

"We would try to set a rapport with him, but it reached a situation where he (Oliver) advised us he was through," Igo said. "We knew he was going to harm himself or harm one of us at that time."

Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton developed a "game plan," according to Igo, "and it worked perfectly."

Just after 9 p.m. Thursday deputy Chuck Clark went to a residence on Hwy. 371 south of Woodmill Road to serve Oliver with the child support papers.

"When Dep. Clark went down to serve the warrants, the residence owner invited him in," Igo said. "Oliver was willing to turn himself in, but when Clark went in, Oliver changed his mind and pulled a weapon. Clark was in a situation where he couldn't come back out."

Three other deputies were on the scene with Clark, according to Igo, but they had not yet entered the residence when Oliver pulled a fully-loaded and cocked .32 revolver.

"When this went down, Clark hollered for them not to come in," Igo said. "That's when the others radioed for additional units."

Sexton, Igo and Capt. Don Smith, who has hostage negotiations experience, reportedly responded, along with other teams trained to respond in critical situations.

"When we have a deputy who doesn't feel like he can leave and a man inside with a weapon, we want to make sure we have the manpower we need to secure the location," Igo said.

When Igo arrived on the scene, he said CAD (Community Action Directed) Capt. Robert Hayden was there, and Heflin Police Chief Paul Migues had already attempted to gain entry into the house.

"Hayden had made his way in there and was trying to talk Oliver down," said Igo. "When Oliver got frustrated with Robbie (Hayden) we changed personnel, and that's when I went in the house."

Igo said they continued a rotation of deputies each time Oliver would become agitated.

"Oliver was apprehended without losing his life, all the deputies went home safe with no lives lost, and that's the ultimate goal," Igo said. "The last person left the scene around 2 a.m. Friday."

According to the sheriff's office, more charges are pending against Oliver.






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