Minden Press-Herald

Sep 21st

Letters from Home

Ever so often, we read about someone finding old love letters written many years ago. They may have been one's parents sharing romantic feelings for each other before marriage; or heart-jerking correspondence during a war, when each day may be the last one to share a love note from home. We all enjoy getting personal mail. Mostly now we receive letters from my sisters in Florida. They do not have computers so we rely on the "old fashion way of keeping in touch" - letter writing.

I've always been a letter-writer. I love to write notes and letters to friends, favorite coaches and teachers, politicians and 'do gooders'. I think of it as investing in the process of encouraging or challenging one to push harder or seek to achieve more. I like to share Biblical promises and how they can bring strength and hope to one trapped in sadness or sorrow. The words of a favorite hymn can encourage the soul and produce a 'humming of the soul', leading right up to the throne of God our Heavenly Father. Just a few lines of an old hymn in a note can bring renewed strength.

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