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Sep 30th

Running Rebels, Hornets and Heat all get 11 & 12 wins

Results from last week's 11 & 12 year old boys' basketball action.

Heat 41, Hornets 35

John Lee Buggs III led the Heat with 14 points. Ziyon Crawford scored seven and Jaylon Teal and Kertravion Rodgers both had five.

LaKalvin Morgan led the Hornets with 35 points. Andre Moore had six and Albert Taylor and Marcus Smith each had six points. Keeyun Ward added four.

Sunderlands 42, Panthers 32

Cameron Shaw led Sunderlands with 10 points. Jarmiah Mayfield had nine and Ron Jenkins and Donald Johnson both had six. Chandler Williams had five points and Lemoris Jackson and Fred Payne each had two.

Jakobe Harper led the Panthers with 13 points. Sean Simpson had five and Jalien Moore and Araon Mosley each had four. Barron Bailey, Timothy Weatherton and D'Courtle Wilson each had two.

Running Rebels 47, Patillo's Bulls 26

Christian Mardis and Xavier Haulcy led the Rebs with 11 points each. Tyrese Myles scored 10, Chase Mitchell had eight and TyChristopher Harris scored three. D. Lewis and Kertravien Oliver both added two points.

Corey Wiilaims led the Bulls with 14 points and Shannon Hampton added eight. Rodney Johnson scored two and Daveyun Solomon and Peter Howard each had one.

Hornets 46, Panthers 35

Albert Taylor led the Hornets with 18 points and LaKalvin Morgan added 10. Andre Moore scored eight and Marcus Smith and Montrell Williams each added three. Keeyon Ward added two points.

Sean Simpson scored 20 points to lead the Panthers. Jakobe Harper added nine and Jalien Moore, Barron Bailey and Anterio McClendon each had two.

Sunderlands 42, Heat 34

Fred Payne scored 14 and Cameron Shaw had 12 to lead Sunderlands. Kay Jones added 11 and Chandler Williams had 10. Ron Jenkins had eight, LeMoris Jackson six and Donald Johnson two.

Chauncell Jenkins scored 10 and John Buggs scored nine to lead the Heat. Ziyon Crawford had seven, Kentravion Rodgers six and Jaylen Ivory two.

Hornets 33, Patillo's Bulls 26

Andre Moore led the Hornets with 12 points and LaKalvin Moorgan added eight. Albert Taylor scored six, Keeyon Ward had five. Marcus Smith added two.

Corey Wiilaims led the Bulls with 16 points and Rodney Johnson added seven. Daveyun Solomon and Shannon Hampton both had two.

Running Rebels 46, Sunderlands 33

Christian Mardis led the Rebs with 11 points and D. West added 10. Xavier Haulcy had nine, Prentis Washington six and Chase Mitchell and Kentravion Oliver both had four.

Cameron Shaw led Sunderlands with 10 points and Fred Payne scored eight. Chandler Williams had five, Donald Johnson four and Jarmiah Mayfield, Javeion Nelson and Kay Jones each had two.

Heat 53, Sunderlands 35

John Buggs scored 19 and Chauncell Jenkins had 12 to lead the Heat. Ziyon Crawford had 11, Jaylon Teal eight six and Jaylen Ivory three.

Cameron Shaw scored 15 to lead Sunderlands. LeMoris Jackson had six and Ron Jenkins and Javeion Nelson each had five. Kristen Gibson added four.

Running Rebels 41, Hornets 27

Christian Mardis led the Rebs with 13 points, and Kentravion Oliver had 10. Pretis Washington scored seven, Xavier Haulcy and D. West each had four and TyChristopher Harris had two. Chase Mitchell one.

LaKalvin Morgan led the Hornets with nine points and Albert Taylor scored seven. Marcus Smith and Keeyon Ward both had four and Robert Fuentes and Jervae Winons each had two points.

Running Rebels 58, Heat 28

Prentis Washington led the Rebs with 15 points, and Christian Mardis and Xavier Haulcy each had 10. TyChristopher Harris and D. Lewis each had four and Kertavion Oliver had three. Tyrese Myles, Dekobe Debose and D. West each had two.

John Buggs scored 14 to lead the Heat. Ziyon Crawford scored six, Kentravion Rodgers four and Jaylon Teal and Jalen Ivory both had two.






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