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Oct 01st

The Christmas Season

Make This Christmas Bright For You, Your Family and Your Community

Many of us, myself included, are still recovering from large quantities of Thanksgiving delights.

However, in the early hours of this morning, Americans across the nation were lined up waiting for stores to open and officially usher in the Christmas season.

No turkey hangover would keep the crowds away on this, the busiest shopping day of the year.

And the fun will continue through the weekend and up to Dec. 24.

While today and every day during the holiday shopping season is a busy one, the weekends are the time when the most people take to the stores.

However, with just a month before Christmas, and I'm sure still a mound of presents for the shopper to buy, please don't get caught up in the need for bright lights and large aisles.

Shop Webster this holiday.

When looking for that perfect gift for a loved one this season, remember that downtown Minden and the surrounding community is home to a bevy of quaint little shops just brimming with wonderful gift ideas.

Not only does shopping here at home help the local business world and benefit the city and parish economy, it also promotes a sense of community well-being and a down-home Christmas spirit that can rarely be achieved while fighting the long lines in big city department stores.

Each dollar spent in Webster Parish brings in valuable tax revenue that goes to improving everything from the school system, to the repair of roads, to the bettering of our general way of life.

So we know the bright lights of Shreveport, Texarkana, Monroe and even Dallas can be tempting, however, remember your neighbors this Christmas and shop Webster Parish.

You'll be glad you did.

Another note.

While the spirit of Christmas is most definitely now upon us, it is important to remember to be safe at home and on the road this holiday season.

For those traveling outside of the city to shop, remember that roadways will be jammed with fellow shoppers.

Some will be giddy with the excitement of their new purchases and not mindful of their surrounding motorists.

Be careful.

Others, who may be downtrodden due to the holidays, may have chosen to drown their worries in a bottle. They then may take to the roads.

This again is reason to be careful.

At home, remember safety guidelines pointed out by local law enforcement officials when decorating for the season.

Do not leave Christmas lights on while you are out. Do not put your Christmas tree near an open flame. Do not plug too many electrical plugs into one outlet.

Also family patriarchs need to guard against potential thieves that could, in one swoop, ruin Christmas for the entire family.

These and other easy-to-follow safety tips should lead to a fun and happy holiday season.

Now go out and shop, but don't be too frivolous.

The post-holiday stress syndrome could take on a whole new meaning when the credit card bills arrive in January.

Josh Beavers is the publisher of the Minden Press-Herald.






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