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Sep 30th

State Rep. Candidates Earn Endorsements

Gerald Holland: DePingre's Experience, Values are Needed in Baton Rouge

Dear Editor:
I want my friends to know that I am voting for Jerri DePingre for House District 10.

Jerri will support our conservative and Christian values in Baton Rouge.  She is pro-life, pro-family, and pro business growth. She will uphold our constitutional rights to own firearms.

Jerri opposes Obamacare and will not spend Louisiana taxpayer money to fund it.

Jerri has years of experience in business and knows that government needs to stay out of the way so that jobs and economic growth can take place in Louisiana.

Jerri used to be a teacher so she understands the challenges dedicated educators deal with as they try to help our young people learn and grow up to be good citizens with high moral values and strong work ethic. Jerri has been active in the community life of Webster Parish.

Jerri will be in the Republican majority in the House so she will have a strong position to get State assistance for legitimate local needs.  

Also, she does't have to pretend to be a Republican.  She is one.

Please vote for Jerri DePingre on Nov. 19.

Gerald Holland

Schuyler Marvin: Reynolds is best candidate to 'get the job done'

Dear Editor:
As you well know, the runoff election for State Representative in District 10 is approaching fast on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

I strongly encourage you to get to the polls.  This is a very important election and every vote counts toward the future of our District.

I humbly ask you to consider giving your vote to Gene Reynolds, #55.  I have given my endorsement and full support to Gene, as he is the only candidate offering solutions to local issues that directly affect us and our District. 

Gene has strong ties to law enforcement; and that is very important to me. 

We must have a Representative who understands the legal process and how legislation can greatly impact the roles of both enforcement and prosecution.  This plays directly into safer communities for all of us; and a safer District for our children and future.

Due to his traditional, conservative values, Gene has gained the support of numerous people who are individuals representing industry, small business, education, legal, fire service, and law enforcement; and who represent a mix of Republican, like myself, Democratic, and Independent affiliations. 

It’s necessary for our next Representative to be able to get the job done without getting bogged down in the politics.  The coming years bring big issues and big changes that will affect you and me. 

Gene Reynolds is the only candidate who has the ability to reach across all parties, races, and backgrounds to get the job done—and done right.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Schuyler Marvin
26th Judicial District Attorney






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