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Oct 01st

Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future?

Dear Editor:

Does my generation have a role in America's future? I'd like to think so, or at least hope so. From voting, to military service, to holding office, our generation can have an impact on our nation in many ways, big or small.

Voting sessions are happening continually around the United States. Your local town might be selecting a new mayor or chief of police.

The citizens of your state may be electing a new governor. Americans could possibly be voting for the highest office in the country, the President of the United States. Whether we realize it or not when we vote for who we think is best to run our government on any of these levels, we're making our voices heard. It is this very principle that our forefathers made possible.

Do we realize that by making our voices heard we keep our country standing strong and united? My generation is on the edge of receiving our right to vote. In another year or two, we'll start to make our impact on our government and its future when we simply vote.

There are other ways my generation can have an effect on America's future. Upon graduating from high school and college we can become involved individuals in our governing body.

As a result we have a direct impact on our nation's future. By holding office we have an opportunity to make a difference on a much greater level than before. When someone is elected to the House of Representatives they give their voice for the people in their district.

They act as the direct link in helping shape and improve our nation's future. When someone is elected to the Senate they give the voice of what the state governments need for improvement. And finally the greatest seat of all, as President, that person can truly influence to the greatest extent the present and future of what our nation needs.

I feel, the greatest role my generation can have on the future of our nation is valiantly defending the freedoms that our nation has been blessed with. Everyday young men and women join the military and take the greatest role in our country's future.

Even my generation might one day be the brave men and women who will join these ranks to fill this role. They are the ones who have the most powerful impact. Without them, our country would not be here, our country would not be strong and united, and our country might not be as safe as it could be for the future.

Because of their self sacrifice, honor, and courage to face our enemy, Americans sleep peacefully at night knowing we are safe.

It's in these three simple areas that I see my generation having the greatest possible role in our nation's future.

Lending our voice to the betterment of our nation, leading our nation to a better tomorrow, and protecting our nation with life and soul, these are the things my generation will do for America's future. I hope the many generations after us will continue these roles for the betterment of our country, the United States of America.

Ryan Hammontree






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