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Oct 01st

WCCA Rams run over Glenbrook, 36-0


The Glenbrook Apaches walked into a buzz saw Friday night, falling to the WCCA Rams, 36-0.

The Rams' double wing offense ran almost at will over the Apache defense, while the Apaches struggled when they had the ball.

"I told the kids after the ball game that we have to find a way to stop the run," Glenbrook head coach Ryan Porter said. "And and we have to figure how to run the football, because right now we aren't doing either one very well."

Glenbrook quarterback Connor Clark was making his first start despite still being slowed by a recent leg injury, and Porter said the team's lack of running game hampered his efforts.

"When you have a quarterback that's limited in his scrambling because of his leg, you have to be able to run the ball," he said.
"Running the ball takes the pressure off the quarterback and opens up the passing game, but we failed to do that. Up front, our offensive line has to do a better job so we can run the football. We preached all week to the kids that we had to run the ball inside.
The holes were there but we just did not stay on our blocks. We hit our man one time, then let him go. They didn't stay with and drive people off the ball."

Both defenses played well early, with the game 0-0 until 7:42 left in the second quarter. After a Glenbrook fumble, the Rams took two plays to score, but missed the extra point to go up 6-0. Later, the Rams scored again after a 78-yard seven play drive to go up 13-0. And the score would stay that way through the half.

Without many offensive highlights in the first half, the Apaches' first-half highlights came through several big hits by linebacker Eric Dozier and a crushing tackle on special teams by Braden Dickson.

In the second half, the Rams' running game proved too much to stop and WCCA went on to win 36-0.

"We just have to flat-out have our players step up and play better," Porter said. "We didn't execute very well Friday night. Defesively when the kids did what we asked them to do scheme-wise, they made plays. Like when linebackers filling downhill and getting in the correct gaps, we were fine. But with WCCA running the offense they do, if you're not staying low and filling the gaps, they will just run all over you and that's what they did. We can't be passive on defense, we have to be more aggressive."

Porter promises he, his staff and the team will do everything to correct things this week.

"This is not going to be a fun week of practice," he said. "The guys better get ready to bow up and work hard. We're going to have to go #1's against #1's this week. The kids will have to push each other to work hard and get ready Monday through Thursday. We just can't expect to show up on Friday night and make things happen. As a coach you can only push them so much, some of it has to come from inside them."






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