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Sep 30th

There's a new world coming

This was a popular song in the 70's by Mama Cass....'a new world coming, and it's just around the bend; a new world coming, this one's coming to an end; yes, a new voice calling, you can hear it if you try; coming in peace, coming in power, coming in love"....However, the new world that's coming is going to be quiet different from the one Mama Cass was singing about. She, like many in her time, was stoned and dependent on mind-altering drugs, for the most part.

Prophets of old and New Testament writers all were led to write about this "new world" that we call the kingdom of God. In order for this to come about, Scripture teaches that there will be an end to this world we know; a new life, new world, the new city of God will be ushered in at the appointed time. When? Only God, the Father, knows. Jesus told his disciples '' that not even the angels in heaven know the time this will happen". It will happen so suddenly, just like a thief in the night. Swift, unexpected.

For some of us, we will be ushered into this new world in an instant. It may be the result of a heart attack, a stroke, an accident, etc. The process may be longer for some. But we all will be changed, in the twinkling of an eye, when the trumpet shall sound. The flash of lightening; the eye of the storm; the aftermath of a hurricane...it doesn't matter. We trust our God. .

We all know this can happen. We remember Katrina, now Irene. High winds, rain and tornadoes, and then flash floods. Whatever mode or method is used, it is important we be prepared to meet it head on with confidence, hope and trust in God.

We may ponder how quickly life can vanish, and we be ushered into this "new world, that prepared place for us" (John 14), it is imperative we look to God for salvation. Why take a chance...on such an important decision? And be too late?






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