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Oct 01st

Global warming

We have been hearing of 'global warming' for several years; now, we are beginning to pay a little more attention to the fact since the temps have topped 100 in near-record fashion. Our sweat glands have been working overtime. All the hankies are in the dryer or on the clothes line. Even coats and ties are taking a licking on Sundays. We all agree, "it is hot".

Did you see the photo recently of one of our teachers "frying eggs on the hood of her car" (or something to that effect)?

When Christians warm up to God, drawing closer and closer to Him, we find a global warming effect. Attitudes melt, harsh feelings liquefy, hearts burn with a godly love, and soon we all feel the GW effect. That's what happens when we allow God's forgiving love to saturate our lives, cleansing us from sin and shame. The "blood that stained the old rugged cross" has the same power now as ever to produce a changed heart. A heart of stone, cold as an glacier, can melt into a warm, caring and loving soul. 1,2,3 John has so many wonderful things to say to us about love, God's nature and His intentions for us in response. Remember the preaching in Acts 1-3, "when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall ....be my disciples, you shall share my message, you shall do great things in my name...." And they did, whereby many were saved. Their lives were changed. A strange warmth invaded their souls.

Soon they disperse to take the "message of Christ to their known world". If you have been revived, your spirit renewed this summer - now is a good time to begin spreading that warm love of Jesus, creating a global warming wherever you go.






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