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Sep 30th

The mother of Jesus

Mary, mother of Jesus, has been a much debated and dearly beloved figure. All four of the New Testament gospels, tell her story; A remarkable woman indeed.

We see her transform from an innocent young girl looking forward to marriage, to a mature follower and believer in Christ as Messiah. Doesn't she look a little bit like us too, a woman wearing many hats?

She was not only just the mother of Jesus. No, like all of us she was numerous other things as well; a wife, a sister, a treasured friend, mother to her and Joseph's other 5 children, a humble servant of God, and a woman gracefully juggling to make it all work. Women have the uncanny ability to rank the priority of each task, and Mary was no exception.

When Jesus was just a baby going to the temple for the rituals mandated in Jewish Law, Mary was faced with two prophets proclaiming the divinity of her firstborn child. What an amazing moment this must have been. Both elation and terror, I imagine, surely flooded her senses. Her dignity shines brightly and what a stunning example she is for all mothers. She takes their prophesies in stride, irrefutably overwhelming, and lovingly re-focuses on her son. "...strength and dignity are her clothing..." Ps 31:25

Again, during a visit to Jerusalem, Jesus slips away from the group, headed for the temple where He spoke with the Rabbi's at length. Mary reacts like any mother would. I see her taking the young Jesus by the shoulders as she presses him for answers 'Why did you run off, you scared us to death!' His reply must have rested near the pit of her stomach 'Woman, did you not know I must go to my Fathers house?' Scripture tells us she did not understand, so she just loved Him the way He was. Mary demonstrates her faith at this juncture by retrieving her child and trusting God to show her how to raise him. She always trusted the Lord for strength, even before Jesus was born.

Much later, a wedding feast runs dry. Mary gracefully steps in to restore the celebratory wine. She trusted Jesus to perform one of His first miracles. So much, she tells the maid servants to follow Jesus' every command. Jesus turns the water into wine. I imagine Mary's relief and pride in her divine son. Grace is often performed humbly behind the scenes. Mary knew this and orchestrated the miracle in such a way God was glorified, not her.

She maintains the grace, dignity, and faith of a saint through it all; as such, her life glorifies God. We can all take a nod from Mary. The Lord has undoubtedly blessed us beyond measure. Are we women like Mary? Are we gracefully humble in our dealings with our family and others? Are we dignified in what we do and say? Are we faithful to our God and our beliefs? Yes...We could all use a little more of these in our own lives. God has promised to give us every good thing, including extra doses of "Mary" in difficult situation.

Be encouraged, if you find a spiritual deficit in your midst, always remember to ask and you shall receive.






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