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Oct 01st

School start, end times adjusted


Staggered start-and-end times for Minden schools are the answer principals and other authorities gave in response to confusion, high traffic and even worry experienced by some parents Monday.

"We know that many transportation issues have arisen in Minden since school began," Interim Superintendent Jackie Sharp said. "Clogged streets and school driveways remain a problem."

Sharp met with Minden principals and Transportation Supervisor Buster Flowers Tuesday afternoon and together a solution was formed.

"(Monday) was the first day for all Minden schools to be in operation," Sharp said. "We realize that some changes and adjustments must be made. After quite a bit of discussion about the transportation problems that have been noted since school began, we decided to return to a system similar to prior years – staggered start- and-end times."

New start-and-end times will take effect on Monday, August 22.

"(This will allow) Mr. Flowers time to re-route the buses and notify the drivers of the changes," Sharp said. "This will also allow parents/caregivers to make the necessary adjustments to their schedules."

Call Alert, a phone message service used to notify guardians of Webster Parish students, will be used to notify parents, in addition to letters, sent home with the students about the drop-off and pick-up times.

Parents are encouraged to complete all school forms and ensure that addresses and contact numbers are correct.

Sharp said some of the confusion was a result of incorrect addresses in the student information system. New bus passes will be issued Friday, August 19.

New school start-and-end times are as follows:
Harper: 7:45 & 2:55
Jones: 7:50 & 3:05
Richardson: 7:45 & 3:10
Phillips Middle, Pre-K: 7:55 & 3:15
Webster Jr. High: 8 & 3:30

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