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Oct 01st

Woman jailed for hit and run

Tammy_Lipe_11-6-76A hit-and-run at a Homer Road trailer park landed a man in the hospital and a woman in jail.

Tammy Lipe, 34, of Olla was arrested and charged with aggravated second degree battery for causing injuries to the man with her red Mitsubishi.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said two of his officers – Shawn Henderson and Chase Wimberly – responded to a call near the trailer park in reference to someone being run over by a vehicle.

"As they arrived, the officers observed a male victim being helped from the roadway," Cropper said. "He had injuries to his arm and foot and was bleeding from both injuries."

While waiting for medical assistance, the victim told officers that he had been run over by a red Mitsubishi.

"The male victim also indicated to officers that his ex-girlfriend had taken their kids and was a passenger in the red vehicle," Cropper said.

A witness told officers the woman, who had been dating the victim, had come to talk with the victim at the witness' residence.

"The victim informed the girlfriend that they needed to go to his residence to talk," Cropper said. "The girlfriend reportedly picked up the two children and walked outside. The victim began walking toward his residence, and the girlfriend took off running with the two children."

The victim reportedly began chasing the girlfriend, who entered the Mitsubishi from the passenger side, as it began moving.

"According to witnesses, the victim was running down the side of the roadway, the red Mitsubishi veered toward him, hitting him and knocking him to the ground and fleeing the scene," Cropper said. "The victim was taken to Minden Medical Center where he was treated for non-lifethreatening injuries."

Cropper said officers put out an all-points-bulletin and notified the detective division.

"Det. Chris Cheatham began his investigation and a couple of days later, Tammy Lipe was asked to come to the Minden Police Department. Upon her arrival, she was arrested, booked and then transferred to Bayou Dorcheat Correction Center where she was placed under a $35,000 bond."






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