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Oct 02nd

Spring Arts Festival art winners announced

Grades Pre K - K

Mixed Medium

1st Place - Stella Powell, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Jordan Coleman, Harper

3rd Place- Paige Beck, Glenbrook

4th Place- Caden Thornton, Richardson


1st Place - Kaleigh Foster, Richardson

2nd Place- Timiah Hawkins, Webster PreK


1st Place- Anna Lee, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Gracie Purvis, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Maleah Barker, Glenbrook

4th Place- Ansley Glasscock, Glenbrook


1st Place- Colin Herndon, Harper

2nd Place- Emile Talry, Browning

3rd Place- Jacob Powell, Glenbrook

4th Place- Sophie Spilullers, Webster PreK & Elyse Jackson, Glenbrook

Best of Show: Paige Lott's, Glenbrook

Grades 1-2

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Aiden Harris, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Jackson Powell, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Hannah Mosley, Glenbrook

4th Place- John Gilbert, Richardson


1st Place- Jemma Killingworth, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Grady Brasher, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Emma Earnhardt, Glenbrook

4th Place- Katelyn McNight, Richardson


1st Place- Aiden Harris, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Annistan Jordan, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Elizabeth Walker

4th Place- Emily Ramie, Glenbrook


1st Place- Aiden Harris, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Jake Moro, Harper

3rd Place- Kaylie Nelson, Glenbrook

4th Place- Rhodes Greer, Glenbrook


1st Place- Aiden Harris, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Jake Moro, Harper

3rd Place- Kaylie Nelson, Glenbrook

4th Place- Rhodes Greer, Glenbrook

Best of Show: Jackson McKinney's, Harper

Grades 3-4

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Kerigan Sanders, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Kacee Nixon, Stewart

3rd Place- Katherine Chumbley, Glenbrook;

4th Place- Ally, Glenbrook


1st Place- Emma Whyte, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Daniel Miller, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Savannah Moro, Harper

4th Place- Aubrie Dickson, Glenbrook


1st Place- Eli McGraw, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Savannah Moro, Harper

3rd Place- Skylar Davis, Glenbrook

4th Place- John Curtis Brown, Glenbrook


1st Place- Hayden Whyte, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Shadra Neal, Brown Upper

3rd Place- Katie Hortman, Glenbrook

4th Place- Dreunna Washington, Brown Upper


1st Place- Avery Dye, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Michaela Waits, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Darbi Walker, Glenbrook

4th Place- Hope Kennedy, Glenbrook


1st & 2nd Place- Logan Bailery, Central

Best of Show: Katherine Chumley, Glenbrook

Grades 5-6

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Katelyn O'Neal, Brown Upper

2nd Place- Rico Gonzales, Springhill

3rd Place- Kadie Garza, Ringold

4th Place- Jenni Nguyen, Glenbrook


1st Place- Parker Christy, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Kelsey Gilliam, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Payton Lee, Glenbrook

4th Place- Braden McLemore, Glenbrook


1st Place- Jacie Brent, Shongaloo

2nd Place- Holly Hoenke, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Tristen Parrie, Phillips

4th Place- Layla Easley, Harper


1st Place- Dakota McGarity, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Brier Compton, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Gracie Simonton, Glenbrook

4th Place- Emily Frye, Glenbrook


1st Place- Marry Faith Ward, Phillips

2nd Place- Mariah Ray, Phillips

3rd Place- Merry Faith Ward, Phillips

4th Place- Jacie Brent, Shongaloo


1st Place- Leela Caswell, Springhill

2nd Place- Thomas Sanders

3rd Place- Abigail Gilbert

4th Place- Alaysia Wright, Stewart

Best of Show: Leanna Cooper's Barn, Glenbrook

Grades 7 - 8


1st Place- Shalen Haney, Springhill

2nd Place- Ali Johnson, Webster Jr.

3rd Place- Allie Bridges, Springhill

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Arabelle Adamis, Springhill

2nd Place- DeAnna Cain, Springhill


1st & 2nd Place- Marjoria Bailey, Lakeside

3rd Place- Michelle Sprawls, Springhill

4th Place- Dylan West, Springhill


1st & 2nd Place- Shalen Haney, Springhill

3rd Place- Alexis Downs, Glenbrook

4th Place- Abbie Adams, Springhill


1st Place- Brittany Duke, Springhill

2nd Place- Savannah Crell, Springhill

3rd Place - Michelle Sparks, Springhill


1st Place- Marjorie Bailey, Lakeside

2nd Place- James Flint

3rd Place- Kristin Sparkman, Springhill

4th Place- Katherine Hall, Springhill

Grades 9 - 10

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Alexis Kenny, Springhill

2nd Place- Tate Smith, Springhill

3rd Place- Mikaela Carrender, Minden


1st Place- Alex Taylor, Springhill

2nd Place- LaeCe Poe, Springhill


1st Place- Mikaela Carrender, Minden

2nd Place- Mattavious Wortham, Springhill

3rd Place- Kayla O'Neal

4th Place- Bradley Morgan, Sarepta


1st Place- Bradley Morgan, Sarepta

2nd Place- Ashley Luckett, Springhill

3rd Place- Kayla O'Neal

4th Place- Skylar Umphries, Shongaloo


1st Place- LaeCe Poe, Springhill


1st Place- Brandi Sims, Springhill

2nd Place- Ashley Luckett, Springhill

3rd Place- Jacarra Little, Springhill

4th Place- Kayla O'Neal

Best of Show: Paten Allen, Springhill

Grades 11-12


1st Place- Travarious Lawson, Springhill

2nd Place- Shunti Wortham, Springhill

3rd & 4th Place- JeQuavious White, Springhill

Mixed Medium

1st Place- Cody Palmer, Springhill

2nd Place- Travarious Lawson, Springhill


1st Place- Taylor Page, Glenbrook

2nd Place- Chandler Nelson, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Morgan Wren, Glenbrook

4th Place- Sara McCann, Glenbrook


1st Place- Savannah Brown, Glenbrook

2nd & 4th Place- Kayla Hardy, Minden

3rd Place- Mathew Tucker, Glenbrook


1st Place- Tyjuan Thomas, Springhill

2nd Place- Rachael Nastasi, Glenbrook

3rd Place- Rudy Spurlock, Glenbrook

4th Place- Savannah Brown, Glenbrook

Best of Show: Beaux Gipson, Glenbrook






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