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Oct 02nd

Arrests all in the family

BERNELL_LEWISLARAVEN_COLEMANA Springhill family came to town, and there was no peace in the Valley as a result.

Webster Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested 36-year-old Bernell Rashon Lewis, his sisters, 25-year-old Nasasha Lee and 29-year-old LaRaven Coleman and their mother, 52-year-old Annie Lee on charges linked to illegal use of a weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm.

The charges stem from an alleged incident where a shot was fired at a residence in Cotton Valley.

"Lewis' charges also extend to domestic abuse battery and aggravated second degree battery," said Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton. "Our detectives, Tommy Kemp, Jr. and Scott Tucker investigated this case and determined these were the appropriate charges."

NASASHA_LEEANNIE_LEEKemp said Wednesday night Lewis discovered his wife's vehicle at a friend's residence in Springhill and became enraged.

"After speaking briefly on the phone with his wife, she left the friend's apartment through the back door and went back to her residence in Cotton Valley," Kemp said. "Lewis called some of his family members and told them he had caught his wife cheating on him and he was headed home to get his belongings out of their house."

Kemp said Lewis' wife was at their residence and had just put her children to bed when Lewis arrived.

"When Lewis showed up, he started beating on the door, telling her he wanted to come in and get his stuff," Kemp said. "When she realized he was in a rage, she told him she was calling the police and when they arrived, Lewis could come in the house and get whatever he wanted."

According to reports, while Lewis' wife was talking to him, she was peeking through the window blinds on the front of the house.

"He (Lewis) was pretty upset and punched her through the window shattering it and hitting her in the face," Kemp said. "Shards of glass cut her on the cheek and forehead."

Lewis reportedly left the premises at that point, and according to Kemp, his sisters, LaRaven Coleman and Nasasha Lee, along with their mother, Annie Lee, arrived on the scene.

"LaRaven owns a pistol," Kemp said. "And she knew there was a gun in her brother's house, so she felt she should take hers, too."

As the female subjects arrived, they allegedly saw Lewis leaving the residence. Kemp said he was on foot, walking to his vehicle, which was parked down the street. His wife was reportedly standing in the front yard.

"LaRaven told Nasasha – the driver – to stop the car," Kemp said. "LaRaven got out of the car, reached back into the car, procured her pistol and fired a shot into the air.

"The victim heard the gunshot and ran back to the porch steps where she started yelling at LaRaven not to shoot, that she had children in the house," he continued.

The detective said neither Nasasha Lee nor Annie Lee ever exited the vehicle. They were reportedly able to coerce Coleman back inside the vehicle and left the premises.

Kemp said when deputies arrived, they issued a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for the vehicle, and Springhill Police reportedly stopped the vehicle when the women returned to town.

"They seized the weapon as evidence and placed the three women in the car under arrest," Kemp said.

The three female subjects told detectives their concern was for their brother and they only went to the residence to keep him out of trouble.

Bernell Lewis was arrested and charged as being a principal to illegal use of a weapon, principal to aggravated assault with a firearm, domestic abuse battery and aggravated second degree battery.

LaRaven Coleman's charges include illegal use of weapon and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Nasasha and Annie Lee were each charged as principals to illegal use of a weapon and principals to aggravated assault with a firearm.






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