Minden Press-Herald

Oct 02nd

Officers nab two at club

A welcoming committee of Minden Police officers met two young Minden men as they exited Minden Tennis & Aquatic Club around midnight Monday.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said Sgt. Keith King and officers Chris Hammontree and Ryan Barnette arrested 19-year-old Cody Oglesby and a 16-year-old juvenile with simple burglary for entering the local club and taking candy and beef jerky.

“Sgt. King received a phone call from a concerned citizen who had seen a couple of people at Hinton Park at 11:30 that night,” Cropper said. “He thought they looked suspicious.”

King reportedly drove past the park on Hinton Street. When he saw no one, he contacted the caller who said he saw the two individuals walking through the woods toward the Aquatic Club.

“Sgt. King went to the club and found the  pipe gate across the road was closed,” Cropper said. “He contacted officers Hammontree and Barnette and they met him there.”

Cropper said the officers  approached the club without using their headlights.

“When they got to the pipe gate, they exited their vehicles and walked up to the club,” he said. “They observed two cell phone lights inside the club – they were using their cell phones as flashlights.”

Cropper said the officers watched the individuals approach the drink machine and then go inside a couple of the offices inside the building.

“The officers did not see them take anything, but as the two guys exited, the officers were waiting for them and took them by surprise,” he said. “The juvenile had some items that had come from inside the club – minor stuff, such as candy and beef jerky.

The two were reportedly held while the officers checked the club to make sure there were no damages.

Oglesby“Oglesby indicated he had no knowledge that the juvenile had taken anything,” Cropper said. “Their story was that they were just walking around and found the club to be open and decided to take a look around.”

Reportedly, a door into the facility was not secured and the two accessed an office belonging to a coach, where the juvenile allegedly found the food items.

Cropper said they were both charged with simple burglary. The juvenile was taken to Ware Detention Center in Coushatta, and Oglesby was transferred to BDCC.






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