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Oct 02nd

Good friends provide great recipes

There are several ways I collect recipes. I am an avid recipe clipper from newspapers and magazines. Many come from my large collection of recipe books. When I have an appointment, I usually take a recipe book with me. I enjoy reading cookbooks like most people enjoy reading a good novel.  The nice part is you can stop anywhere in the book without losing the continuing content. My favorite kinds of cookbooks are those from churches and organizations.  Many of my recipes are self-invented.

Some of the recipes I try are not always successful.  For example, the other day I tried a cracker salad recipe. It was suppose to taste like a lobster salad…well it DID NOT. It was awful so of course I scrapped it and will NEVER EVER prepare a cracker salad again.

My favorite sources for recipes are from friends and family such as this week’s recipe. I have given you recipes from “Hair Tangles Beauty Shop” in the past.  That is where this week’s recipe is from.

A recent Friday, Mac and I were at “Hair Tangles” for haircuts. Friday is the one day that all three of the hairdressers are in the shop at the same time.  It is that day of the week that each one of them brings a homemade treat to share with the clients. The atmosphere is like a party…fun! That Friday the table was loaded with a variety of good things to eat.

I fixed Mac and me a cup of cappuccino and indulged ourselves in a spoonful of this great dessert. Our hairdresser and proprietor, Dorothy Parks, had prepared her cousin’s (Terry Douthit) daughter, Hazel Frisby, Peach Dessert recipe. She said Hazel brings this dessert to their annual Casteel family reunion. Now I want you to indulge yourselves in this easy to make keeper that Dorothy willingly shared.  Thank you Dorothy.

Peach Dessert
 1 large can of sliced peaches
1 Butter Pecan Cake Mix
1 cup chopped nuts
1 and 1/2  sticks melted butter

Pour peaches into a 9 X 15 inch pan. Crumble cake mix over peaches. Sprinkle nuts on cake mix. Melt butter and drizzle over mix and nuts.  Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.






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