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Oct 01st

Copper thief crimped

Minden man in trouble with city, parish officers

A Minden man is in trouble with the law, and when the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office is finished with him, the Minden Police Department wants him, too.

Shaun Harrison Cade, 22, of the 300 block of South Fairview in Minden, has been arrested on two counts of felony theft with the sheriff's department, one count of simple burglary with police and a hold has been placed on him with Probation & Parole.

Shaun_CadeSheriff Gary Sexton said Cade was arrested after a Heflin-based company reported the felony theft of copper wire from their shop on Franklin Road.

Deputy Wade Wells discovered a license plate left at the scene of the theft.

"When Cade was leaving the place in Heflin, after taking the wire, he went through a ditch, and it pulled off his personal license plate and the bracket," Wells said. "We recovered it from the scene and matched it to the front of Cade's truck."

Wells said he learned the sons of the Heflin business owner were friends with Cade and recognized the plate.

"They came to Minden to confront him, and that's when we got Minden police involved," Wells said.

Minden police officers Kenneth James and Ryan Barnette reportedly joined Wells in the confrontation.

copper_spools"He (Cade) was acting nervous," Wells said. "That's when I walked around the house and saw where he'd been burning some of the wire. Then, I looked under the house and saw where he'd shoved some spools of wire up underneath his house."

Lt. Dustin Reynolds said some of the wire was sold for more than $900 to a local salvage shop.

"The wire was positively identified by the owner of the Heflin shop," Reynolds said. "But Cade said the spools were stolen from a Minden electrical contractor."

Sheriff's detective Scott Tucker contacted Minden Police detective Heath Balkom and told him that deputies had recovered multiple rolls of wiring, valued at more than $6,000, which they believed came from the Minden contractor.

"I made contact with Cade's girlfriend, and she said Cade was talking about some copper and wiring he came across that he needed to sell," Balkom said. "Cade told her he had taken it to the local salvage yard and sold it for about $500 cash for the scrap."

When Balkom interviewed Cade, he said the subject requested an attorney.

"I informed him then that he would be under arrest for simple burglary after the sheriff's office is finished with his charges," Balkom said.

Sexton said the wire that has not been burned will be returned to the Heflin-based shop, and the spools will be returned to the local contractor.






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