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Oct 01st

Getting Ready for His Work

Throughout the Bible we read exhortations of the importance of 'being ready' for action. Man is always in preparation stages. Moses and Joshua are good examples to study. God took 80 years to groom Moses for his monumental assignment. When Moses accomplished his purpose, the mantle was passed on to Joshua. He was well-prepared. The underlying message is this: when God has a job/assignment for us, He will provide the proper preparation. Our responsibility is to be willing and be ready. (Motto: prepare today for tomorrow's wonders and blessings).

Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, across the Red Sea (on dry land), and on through the vast wilderness for forty years was no small feat! And it surely inspires us. Along the rugged way, God prepared Moses by having "special conferences with him". Sometimes it was on the mountain-top, or mountain-side, or by just 'pulling Moses aside'. Each step, God was getting Moses ready for "tomorrow's wonders and blessings". Right alongside Moses was his assistant, Joshua, with "on-the-job" learning experiences.

When Moses completed his assigned journey, on Mt.Nebo (Deut. 34:1-3) his mantle of leadership was passed onto Joshua. Joshua would have some similar experiences: crossing the Jordan River on dry ground (Joshua 3), possessing the Promised Land and seeing God's wonderful promises played out 'before their own eyes'. He was prepared for all tasks God assigned him. Joshua responded to this Divine leadership. (What rich lessons for us to study for our own personal spiritual growth)!.

God wants to unleash His presence in our own personal lives in many ways, too. He wants us to walk in holiness for His name sake. He gives us the privilege of seeing His mighty hand and His glory in all things every day. He protects and shields us from temptation and sin's snares. He will keep us in the center of His will so we can experience His maximum power day by day. He simply calls for us to "sanctify ourselves for tomorrow...so He can do wonders among us" (Joshua 3:5)

In the New Testament the principle of 'sanctification' is very much at work in building the believers' faith system. 1 Peter 1:16: "Be holy, for I am holy" - a directive from God! This is how God makes Himself known to us. We draw nearer to Him, He draws nearer to us (James 4:8) Unless we live a consecrated life, we cannot see the power of God in it's fullness. Through the ages Moses, Joshua, Paul, Peter and many others have been examples for all believers.

The Israelites learned the hard way about the need to honor God and consecrate themselves before Him. But this is the way we experience the abundance of God's strength and great love. He is ready to unlesh this power and love on us today.

But Biblical history reveals when believers do this and ask God to show them His way, plan and purpose - get ready. The opportunities will come forth; doors will be open and the floodgates of blessings will  shower upon us. Prepare today for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you."






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