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Sep 30th

Man cashes in on elderly


Sibley man arrested for theft by fraud

A Sibley man is in the slammer for allegedly taking advantage of an elderly woman's bank account.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Clyde Douglas "Little Doug" Gibson, 26, of the 400 block of S. Main, Sibley, was arrested by authorities in Tennessee and extradited to Minden.

He is charged on local warrants for two counts of theft by fraud, two counts of monetary instrument abuse, three counts of stolen property and theft of assets of an aged person.

"Back in September we had an 81-year-old lady come to us because she had been contacted by the district attorney's office indicating she had some outstanding checks – totalling around $500 – being held in her name. They needed her to make arrangements to pay these checks off," Cropper said. "She was told if she didn't, they were going to issue a warrant for her arrest."

When the victim went to the district attorney's office, she reportedly told authorities it was not her signature on the checks.

"She said she had not given anybody authorization to sign her checks," Cropper said. "And the name signed on some of the checks was that of her grandson."

Minden Police Det. Keith King went to a local department store where the checks were used and pulled surveillance videos.

"Det. King was able to identify Gibson – a friend to the victim's grandson – as the person who was coming into the store and cashing the forged checks," Cropper said. "He's also known as 'Little Doug,' and he's in the system with priors."

Armed with information and identification, King obtained outstanding arrest warrants for Gibson.

"We did not have the grandson on any video, so we didn't have enough to obtain warrants for him," Cropper said. "We did learn that Gibson and the grandson were running together and hanging out together, so we feel the grandson may be involved, too."

When police learned Gibson was in Arkansas, his information was entered into NCIC (National Crime Information Center).

Cropper said on January 6, his office was contacted by the McMinnville, Tennessee Police Department, indicating they had made contact with Gibson.

"They ran a check on him and saw we had outstanding warrants on him," Cropper said. "They wanted to know if we wanted them to arrest him and if we would extradite."

Cropper said Gibson signed a waiver for extradition on January 9.

"We contacted the United States Prison Transport and made arrangements to have Gibson picked up in Tennessee and brought back to Minden," said the chief. "About 8 a.m. on January 17, we were notified that Mr. Gibson was housed at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center."

King reportedly transported Gibson from BDCC to the Minden Police Department where he was arrested and booked on the warrants.

"We interviewed him, and he admitted to remembering he did some of it and didn't remember doing some of it," Cropper said. "But he pretty much indicated he and the grandson of the victim were both involved. He said he thought they had permission to cash the checks, but apparently that was not the case."

Gibson was returned to BDCC where he is housed under bonds totalling $8,500.






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