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Oct 01st

New signs lead the way


Friends of Germantown have reason to appreciate local legislators and supporters of the Germantown Colony Museum and will have the opportunity to express their thanks this Thursday, February 7 at 5 p.m.

A water system for the future Germantown Colony Museum building has been purchased by Petro-Chem Operating Co., while changes to signage now points the way to the colony, thanks to Sen. Robert Adley and Rep. Gene Reynolds.

"When signs were installed back in September, it had taken three years and two directors of museums, just to get to that point in this process," said Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Lynn Dorsey. "We went through some transitions times and we are so thrilled to see this all coming together."

However, Dorsey said the times of transition presented some issues.

"We were so disappointed about the signs in September, because only one sign showed Germantown on it," she said. "If you didn't know what the "Heroes and Heritage Trail" (wording on the sign) is, you would have no idea that was guiding you to the Germantown Colony and Museum."

Other concerns of Dorsey included the lack of signs on Interstate 20 through downtown Minden.

"We want to direct traffic through downtown Minden whenever possible because our focus of things for people to do is in downtown Minden," she said. "So I was very disappointed about that, but I was not given the choice of where the signs went."

In the process of pursuing better signage, Dorsey and others concerned began attempting to secure signage along I20.

"Ms. Doerge (former Louisiana House Representative) and I went and met with the Department of Transportation in Bossier and discussed modifying the sign that had been in stalled," Dorsey said. "We really pushed, as we have been pushing for a long time. But they flat out said no. They said they couldn't do it."

When Dorsey and Doerge took pictures of another Heroes and Heritage museum sign along I20 in Ruston, they knew new signs could be installed for their museum.

"Because we were unable to make progress, we contacted Sen. (Robert) Adley and Rep. (Gene) Reynolds," Dorsey said. "Both were very supportive about it. They had recently helped get a sign installed in honor of Sgt. Josh Madden at the I-20 Minden exit, and they knew we could add signs."

Dorsey said because of Adley and Reynold's efforts, new signs have been installed.

"I was so thrilled when he told me 'I'm getting those signs, I promise,'" Dorsey said. "And sure enough, there they are. Even if signs are not at both Minden exits, we prefer to have signs go through downtown – if I can only have signage from one interstate exit."

Mary Durusau, Director of Museums for the Department of State will make a presentation to Larry and Bruce Hock of Petro-Chem Operating Co.

According to a proclamation issued by Tom Schedler, Secretary of State of Louisiana, The Hock brothers are descendants of the founders of Germantown Colony. They are being honored for their leadership and financial donations to the Germantown colony.

The public is invited to attend the presentaion.






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