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Oct 01st

It's a Girl Thing

The beginning of life, the creation story found in Genesis, has something to tell us-as women. We all know the story, but have we really learned the lessons it is communicating? Many authors have attempted to convey the mighty precedence of creation, but my favorite is the explanation given by Stasi Eldredge in Captivating.

She likens the creation story to a glorious work of art, unfolding and unveiling its beauty line by line. As God looks upon His creation, He finds that it is good. I can imagine the lush green garden, the sweet untainted smell of morning dew, animals and plants alike spring to life all around, and God said it was good. But, God began to see that something was not good. As he walked and talked with Adam daily, their relationship unstained by sin, and closer than we could ever fathom. Something was missing, in this magnificent work of art.

So, God put Adam in a deep sleep taking a rib bone and carefully crafted Eve. God called her a sustainer, and she became the zenith of all creation. The final touch to His masterpiece. She was no afterthought, not a nice addition, or an ornament on a tree. No, she was the breathtaking finale, His piece de resistance. She was the crescendo to an astonishing work of God. Woman. She fills a place in the world that nothing and no one could ever fill. Ladies look out your window, or sit in a beautiful garden, and know that the vast world is incomplete without you. Woman is the crown of creation.

Women in the Bible had many jobs and wore many hats, much like we do today. But it all began with the summit of creation, Eve. She was to be Adam's friend, companion, wife, and sustainer. This is still true today, in the lives of every woman on the planet. We were created with love and impeccable attention to detail, with relationship in mind. A perfect fit for the first man. Eve, the first woman- She is the great crown of glory.

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, an employee. My duties take many forms, but at the end of the day I am still a remnant of the glory that was Eve. She was at perfect peace with God and Adam in the garden, she filled the empty place, and God Almighty said again it is good. In our own lives, 4000 years later, we exhibit the same qualities as the first woman, and we are each a precious creation to God.

A crowned beauty today, enjoys a purposeful and personal relationship with God-one that influences her relationships with others. She is developing a thankful heart, recognizing God's importance in her life, and exalting his name. She is real and confident in whom she is because of Christ. She desires to Love God with all she has and all she is. God's love guides her heartfelt affection for all others, and nurtures the beauty that God has placed in all of us. We too, bare the image of God, but in a way that only femininity can speak to. What can we learn from Eve? God wanted to reveal something about His self, so he gave us Eve. We discover that God is relational too, and he is eager for us to really know him. He longs to share an adventure with us-an adventure we couldn't accomplish without Him. The beauty God has to unveil is captivating and powerfully redemptive. Beauty was at the center of Eve's heart, which is the heart of God, and that magnificent beauty lives in the soul of every woman today. Be encouraged that you too posses this beautiful heart, and God is only a prayer away when you can't find your crown.






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