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Oct 01st

Vitter addresses gun control, immigration at town hall meeting

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Louisiana Senator David Vitter visited Minden Thursday to discuss matters he is working on for the state's interests.

Vitter said he believes in defending citizens Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. He urged citizens to visit defendla.org.

"Ever since this horrible, horrible massacre in Connecticut late last year, the left has been really pushing for gun control," Vitter said. "I am an avid supporter of the second amendment and will support it for law abiding citizens. We need to make sure we have adequate background checks and full mental health reports. The debate is just starting in Congress."

According to defendla.org, Defend Louisiana is a statewide campaign dedicated to giving Louisianians a voice in the defense of their right to protect their families.

Immigration reform is another debate in Congress, according to Vitter. He is fighting to prevent amnesty for illegal immigrants. He states that there are 11 to 13 million illegal immigrants in the United States.

"Amnesty was supposed to fix the problem and never have to look back, but it didn't fix the problem. It quadrupled it," he continued. "Why? Because you had an immediate amnesty that said keep coming over and no enforcement. I am promoting a fundamental and different approach. Real enforcement at the workplace will decrease illegals over time."

He said he believes that illegal immigrants should have to pay back taxes before gaining citizenship.

"We are the only country that has the rule that if you are pregnant and come to our country and have a baby, the baby is a U.S. citizen," Vitter said. "No one else has that rule and I have legislation to change that. Mexico, European or Latin American countries do not have that rule."

Vitter doesn't agree with Obamacare that ends care or "rationing care and denying legitimate claims. This will impact retirees."

"We need to control cost, but we don't need to do that by rationing care."

Vitter wants to also end Washington's overspending. He said that the national debt has surpassed $16.5 trillion and continues to climb rapidly.

He said he is a strong supporter of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that requires Congress to balance the federal budget, sets a total spending limit of 18 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), creates super majority vote requirements to borrow or raise taxes and includes other tools to rein in Washington's overspending.






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