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Sep 30th

Coming to America


German couple travels to Minden to exchange vows

A love that began in Bamberg, Germany was united in Minden, Louisiana on Dec. 12, 2012.

Wolfgang and Cornelia Dillig chose to have a traditional German wedding ceremony in an adventurous way.

"We wanted to do something special," said Wolfgang, who speaks English more fluently than Cornelia. "We picked 12-12-12 for our wedding date because it is unique and sets our wedding day apart."

After dating for five years, their wedding ceremony took place at Faith Restoration Ministries on Country Club Circle, with bride and groom in traditional Bavarian attire.

"That is what we wear for weddings, special anniversaries, Oktoberfest and other very special occasions," Wolfgang said. "We like America, and this will be a good story to tell everyone – that we traveled to America to get married."

Their American travels during the past several weeks have included trips to New Orleans, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas and Mississippi.

"She has really enjoyed shopping," Wolfgang said of his new wife. "We have really enjoyed the sight seeing. The decorations are amazing."

The couple met at their workplace, Bosch – an international manufacturer.

"We worked on the same line when we met; now we work on separate lines," Wolfgang said. "She liked me when she met me and was nervous as she worked beside me."

Cornelia laughed as she agreed with Wolfgang, noting that it was "love at first sight."

This is the second time the sweethearts have visited Minden. Both times they stayed with Anita Frye, who is Cornelia's second cousin.

"We became friends after Cornelia's grandmother, who is 94, said she wanted to see her sister one more time," Anita said. "So Cornelia found me on the internet."

After a 60-year separation, the sisters were able to connect through Skype, which is a computer program that allows people to communicate visually and verbally over the Internet. By aiding their elders, a new generation of family was brought closer together.

"They came to visit last June and we had such a wonderful time," Anita said. "I was so surprised at how much they loved the heat here.

"Seeing the area through their perspective is really something," she continued. "I am so glad to have them as family and close friends, and can't wait for their next visit."

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