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Sep 30th

High scores highlight little league games

little_leagueResults from Tuesday’s action from the baseball fields at the Minden Recreation Complex

Coach Pitch

Cooper Tires 16, Minden Athletic 10

Kendall Dee Flournoy and CJ Watts both doubled, tripled and homered to lead Cooper Tires. Chase Sentell, Cason Clemons and Dayton Sims all had three hits, and Chase Tolbert, Jake Wilkins and Keegan Bryan all had two hits. Colin Murphy added a single.

Price Miller singled twice, doubled and homered and Brandon Winston singled three times and homered to lead Athletic. Ty Willis singled twice and homered and Hudson Dillard singled and homered. Tyler Daughtery had four hits and Jace DeLoach and Cooper Chase both had two.

Cardinal Gas Storage 5, Swain's Sluggers 4

Trey Yetman had three hits to lead Gas Storage. Abe Pye, JP Parker, Trent Harber and Jacob Powell all had two hits. Rick Harris and Kevin Gill added base hits.

Colin Herndon homered twice to lead Swain's. Jaylin Williams and Colin Campbell both homered, and Keith Caple, Chase Hammons, Montavious Maddox, Cameron pope and Austin Pike all singled.


Swain's Sluggers 9, Castor 5

Connor Scarlett, Jacob Walker, Kyle Spears, AJ Salazar and Connor Humphries all had two hits to lead Swain's. Bryce Swain added a single.

Cade Young, Ethan LaTour and Bridget Morgan all had two hits and Drake Freeman doubled for Castor.
Holley's Land Management 16, Waterworks 1

Walker Wise, Trent Walraven, Brian Foster, Corbin Kendrick and Slaid Gandy all had three hits to lead Holley's. Thomas Rhame and Matthew Seales both had two hits, and Grayson Lamar and Christian Lewis both singled.

Seth Johnson tripled to lead Waterworks, and Keaton Moore, Luke Meek and D'Angelo Garner all singled.

Rozeman's Rookies 10, J&J Livestock 4

Cooper Parks, Andrew Fegley, Chance Hammons, Jaylon Jenkins and Caleb Matlock all had two hits to lead the Rookies. JyRoceyun Scott, Justin Sibley, Jonathon Parkerson, Domnick Paddy, Kenny James, Lewis Moore and Lane Dillon all singled.

Cade Ebarb and RJ Dillard both had two hits to lead J&J. Hagen Land, Dustin Hunter and Carson Parker all added singles.

Frizzell Consulting 20, Astros 5

Roman Tolbert singled and homered twice to lead Frizzell. Xander Turner, Parker Hall, Keegan Frizzell and Dylan Miller all had four hits. Andrew Cooper had three hits and Maddox Mandino, Meko Williams and Kameron Talley all had two hits.

Tristen Murray and Blain Sparks both had two hits to lead the Astros. Jacob Vanlangendonck, Cedric Williams, Jacob Corke and Peyton Willis added base hits.


Dixie Inn Travel Center 14, Shutterbugs View 10

Daniel Miller, Noah Stanley and Cody Johnson all combined to throw a no-hitter for Dixie Inn. Miller and Lee ware both had two hits and Michael wright, Justin Nixon and Johnson all singled.

Nick Williams struck out four batters for Shutterbugs View.

La. State Realty 17, Party Express 13

Hunter Wilkes doubled and Johnny Law Flournoy singled to lead La. State. Flournoy also struck out four batters.

Peter Howard had two hits and Ethan Baldwin and Garrett Hall both had one for Party Express.

Dixie Youth

W.S. Construction 13, Roco Tires 4

Jordan Dunn had four hits and struck out eight batters to lead W.S. Austin Wall had three hits and Garren Lipinski, Holter Frye and Preston Broadhead each had two. Justin Lewis tripled and Dillion Gray singled.

Cameron Barnett struck out eight batters and Aaron Moses singled twice for Roco Tires.

Gray's Diamondbacks 14, Frizzell Consulting 11

Connor Davis struck out four batters and singled to lead the D'backs. Peyton Gray and Jarrott Gates both had three hits and Hayden Humphries, Logan Wafer, Korey McGee and Roman Holiday added base hits.

Colin Frizzell had two hits to lead Frizzell. Hayden Williams and Chase Mitchell both doubled.

Minden Farm & Garden 14, Woodard Consulting 1

Austin Clemmens struck out five batters and singled to lead MF&G. Joseph Windham and Jai Taylor both had two hits and Parker Christy, Shannon Hampton and Mason Hood added singles.

Tyler Perryman struck out five batters and singled to lead Woodard. Karsun Randle struck out four batters.

Rangers 17, Minden Athletic 6

Kadarius Phenix singled, tripled and homered to lead the Rangers. Cameron Gray homered and Jake Gray had three hits. Logan McIver and Braydon Jones both had two hits, and Dalton Crumpler and Tanner Page both doubled. Page also struck out six batters.

Andre Moore, Nick Burge, Jake Gaynor, Daveyun Solomon and Caorey Carter all had base hits for Athletic.

Dixie Boys

Reagan's Rx 12, Tide 5

Sutton Jones homered to lead Reagan's. Logan Clark struck out five batters and Sam Marvin and Caden Copeland both had two hits. Lyle Reagan tripled and Kelcey Miller and Spencer White both singled.

Josh Wilkins had three hits to lead the Tide. Walker Williams had two hits and Cade Coleman and Matt Eskew added hits.

Hawkeyes 10, Braves 5

Davien Moore struck out five batters and doubled and tripled to lead the Hawkeyes. Jordan Lyday had two hits and Trent Geiss, Colt Wilson, Cadence Morgan, Tanner Lipinski and Ethyn Wynne all added base hits.

Coulson White had three hits to lead the Braves. Luke Griffith and Jeffery Lair both had two hits, and Aubrey Reynolds and Leadrian Burris added singles.






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