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Sep 30th

Latest proposal has Minden staying put

Final redistricting meeting will be held on December 12

The LHSAA recently issued a second redistricting proposal involving Minden High School.

Under that second plan, Minden would have played football in District 2-4A that includes Bastrop, Franklin Parish, Neville, West Ouachita and Wossman.

But early last week, Minden principal Robin Tucker received an email about yet another LHSAA proposal.

"After the two classification meetings last week, we received an email that now has us moved back into the northwest district for all sports," Tucker said. "As you can imagine, we are thrilled with the new proposal. However, it is not over yet. All of the schools from the northwest and the northeast have to submit their approval/disapproval of the new proposal."

Tucker says she has personally spoken to every principal in the northwest and they agreed that Minden should stay put in District 1-4A.

"That would show the LHSAA that there are eight schools who wish for us to stay in the northwest," Tucker said. "And assuming all five in the northeast vote the other way, the proposed numbers would be 8-5 in our favor."

The final meeting on the subject will be held Wednesday, December 12 in the LHSAA office in Baton Rouge.

"At that point, any principal can still appeal the last proposals and speak their case, " Tucker said. "After that occurs, the Executive Committee will make the final decision."

Tucker wants the public to know that she and the Minden High family as a whole have worked hard to make sure the Tide stays in District 1-4A.

"Minden High School has been working diligently to make our case known that this is not in the best interest of our school, our student athletes and our community," she said. "We have been very blessed to have many supporters assist us in making phone calls, sending emails, posting information on Facebook, etc. We are so appreciative to all of those who continue to support us in this effort."

Tucker believes there is no logical reason for Minden High to move to the northeast district.

"To travel to three of the schools, it doubles our mileage and to travel to two of the schools, it triples," she said. "When you look at where we are located on the map, it speaks for itself. These visuals along with the financial impact information that we have presented make a very strong case to allow us to stay in the northwest district."

The third proposal has Tucker feeling much more optimistic about the school's chances of stying in it's current district.

"I am hopeful with the new proposal, that common sense will prevail and that the right decision will be made for our athletic programs at Minden High School," she said.






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