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Oct 01st

Gun owners, listen up

Dear Editor:

What's the real deal behind Fast and Furious?

Recently, our Attorney General, Eric Holder, was held in contempt of congress for his alleged role in the botched gun-running scheme of our federal government. In case any of our readers missed it, this sad episode featured our Department of Justice (DOJ) buying thousands of guns with our tax dollars from licensed gun deals in the U.S. and turning them over to the drug cartels in Mexico. Although this sounds incredible, it's true. Two of our border patrol officers have been killed as a result of this infamous exercise.

Our congressional investigators looking into this disgraceful event want to know who authorized it and when was it discovered. Who and when may be legitimate questions, but what I want them to also ask WHY? When both the Mexican government and the drug-rich cartels already have enough guns to conduct this war, why would our administration stick to its long (read: lying) nose into their business and offer the druggies more guns?

Our DOJ says they wanted to trace the guns to the heads of the cartels. WHY ? Didn't they have enough guns already? Are we at war with Mexico? Did they want to enhance the lie that 90% of all guns used in this war came from the U.S.?

I want everyone in the U.S. to know the real reason. That is this administration's attempt to enact more gun control on our already heavily-regulated retail gun dealers and especially us as gun owners and all American citizens. This is in direct violation of the Second Amendment of our Constitution which guarantees us the right to bear arms.

One thing is certain. This administration will delay this investigation as long as possible. But we must not forget. We must expose this travesty for what it is - another attempt to destroy our freedom. Remember this in November.

Vince Vella






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