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Oct 02nd

Dixie Inn Police Department teams with online service

Dixie Inn Police Department (DIPD) has found a way to incorporate technology into their police reports, making obtaining information for citizens, lawyers and insurance companies faster and easier.

"Docview, LLC is a free service provided to law enforcement agencies," said Dixie Inn Police Chief Jim Edwards. "It makes things easier on our department and easier for lawyers and insurance companies."

The service works by uploading copies of crash reports and the details the reports contain into an online database, "Docview, LLC."

"Say we work a crash," Edwards explained. "Then we write the report up and can scan and send or fax the report to Docview."

Docview then takes the image of the crash report and saves it to their database along with all the information contained in the crash report.

"This means that we can now search that data base," Edwards said. "This might be helpful when trying to investigate something like a hit and run.

"We would be able to search for a vehicle in the data base," he continued. "So basically we can use it as an additional investigative tool."

Not only does it help the department but citizens, lawyers and insurance companies may also reap the benefits from this new service.

"It really makes getting reports faster and easier for everyone involved," Edwards said. "An insurance company may mail a letter and two weeks later follow up to see if a crash report has been sent. It costs time and personnel for lawyers and insurance companies to communicate and obtain information through mail."

Having crash reports available online speeds up the process.

"Now, if you're looking for a crash report it is available online, immediately," Edwards said. "There is a charge for the reports to private companies but most prefer it because the cost to obtain the report through Docview is less than if they went through traditional methods."

Edwards said the Docview service protects information and is not accessible to those without specific information.

"You can't just do a search and take the information," he said. "Only someone who enters specific criteria will be able to access the crash reports."

In addition to these benefits, DIPD also receives free access to Car-Fax through the service with Docview.

"This is really interesting because now we have another service we can offer to the residents of Dixie Inn," Edwards said. "Now, if a resident is wanting to buy a car, they can utilize this public service and obtain a Car-Fax report."

DIPD started using the service earlier this month. Police reports will still be available through traditional means. For additional information call the Dixie Inn Police Department at 377-0238.






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