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Oct 02nd

Learn What Pleases God

Eph.5:10: "Learn as you go what pleases the Lord." Paul's writings are full of positive admonitions for his readers to heed. His primary desire is that we be 'found faithful serving and living for God!" Think on these directives and I believe you will agree that "living the Christian life is the most exciting goal we can have." V 1-- Follow God's example in everything; V 2-- Be full of love for others; V 3-- Let there be no impure or greedy thoughts or actions; V 4-8-- remind each other of God's goodness & be thankful; V9--Do only what is good and right and true.

Now Paul knew the Ephesian believers could not just wake up one morning and instantly see all of these as realities. But he was encouraging his friends to incorporate these teachings in every way, every day, so that their journey "now" begins to lead them toward that state of purity, holiness, and completeness of which Jesus taught.

Though we stumble and sometimes fall, we have the Lord's promises of forgiveness, "that if we confess our sinfulness. He resets our 'GPS' to 'recalculate' so we are steered back on the correct pathway. Paul continues in his teaching by sharing other important thoughts on behavior, actions and attitudes.

V 15-16; Be careful how you act these days....be wise, making the most of every opportunity to do good. V 17-18-- Seek the Lord's will and do it --.be filled and controlled with the Holy Spirit instead of wine, which is a mocker; V 19-20 --Talk about the Lord to each other, sing hymns and sacred songs, making music in your hearts; V 20-- Always give thanks for everything to God in Jesus; name. Then Paul concludes this chapter with much to say to husbands and wives - advice that can make every marriage stronger and more God-honoring.

What a message this is for senior adults still struggling toward life's finish line! A challenge also to middle-aged folks being pushed around by the harsh waves in life. Even young couples can gain much from Paul's words of wisdom in facing life and living a holy life, dedicated to Christ. I also see much wisdom here for the recent graduates as they embark on their new adventure of life. The advice is the same for all of us: Learn what pleases God and then 'just do it'.






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