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Oct 01st

Disabled veterans would benefit

Police jury votes to seek special homestead exemption

The Webster Parish Police Jury (WPPJ) has voted to hold a special election that –  if passed – could give some support to certain disabled veterans and spouses.

The Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption Proposition will authorize an additional homestead exemption in Webster Parish effective on January 1, 2012 for certain disabled veterans and surviving spouses in accordance with Article VII, Section 21 of the Louisiana Constitution.

That Article and section lists in detail what properties are exempt from ad valorem taxation, or taxation on the value of the property. This homestead exemption would be listed as Section 21(K) in the Louisiana Constitution.

“I personally support this,” said WPPJ President Charlie Walker. “There are approximately 100 disabled veterans in Webster Parish that would be affected by this.”

This proposition would double the homestead exemption to $150,000 for certain disabled veterans and their surviving spouses.

A disabled veteran who doesn’t own a home would not benefit from the exemption, nor would families (homeowners or not) of service members killed in action.

The election will be held October 22, 2011 and will be available for vote to residents of all 43 precincts in Webster Parish.

Since this a special election and not held in accordance with regular elections, it will cost tax payers to hold the election.

According to Lindsey Jaquillard, communications office assistant to the Secretary of State, it costs approximately $1,500 per precinct to hold a special election. That amount may be changed if the vote is parish-wide, as this vote will be.

Questions about how much the state or parish will fund were unanswered. If the tax payer’s fund all of it, the vote will cost them $64,500.






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