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Oct 01st

Chamber President sought

Minden is in need of a new Chamber of Commerce president, and board chairman Jimmy Hall is putting out the call for interested applicants.

"The mission of the Chamber is to encourage businesses to work together and to serve as a business advocate for the betterment of our community," Hall said. "While the president has a variety of important functions, the heartbeat and focus of the chamber president should be to support local businesses while recruiting new industry and jobs to the area as well."

To Apply

Mail resumes to:
Chamber President
Minden Press-Herald
P. O. Box 1339
Minden, La. 71058
or email to
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Hall said the Chamber is looking for a passionate individual who has a sincere desire to see the Minden-South Webster area further prosper in industry and economy.

Applicants will be applying for a chamber-only position. The post held by previous Chamber President Mike Moore featured a combination of duties including working for the City of Minden and the South Webster Industrial District. Funding from the City and SWID will not be provided for this position.

Interested applicants should forward resumes to Josh Beavers at the Minden Press-Herald. Resumes may be mailed to "Chamber President, Minden Press-Herald, P.O. Box 1339, Minden, La. 71058."

Resumes will also be accepted electronically at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

As follows is the complete job description for the Chamber President position:

JOB FUNCTION: To act as the chief executive officer of the Chamber of Commerce. The President is accountable to the Chairman of the Board and the Board of Directors.


1. Work with the voluntary leadership ... officers, directors, and committees ... to assist in carrying out the Chamber's programs and to provide the tools and information that will make the leaders more effective in achieving Chamber goals.

2. Responsible for new member recruitment, assimilation and membership retention, retrieval through:

a. Visitation at members/prospects' places of business;

b. Coordinating periodic membership drives with staff and Board of Directors;

c. Introducing innovative ideas from other Chambers and organizations; and

d. Using all available media to communicate the Chamber's activities and programs to answer the question "What does the Chamber do for me?".

3. Organize and coordinate the Chamber's activities and programs by:

a. Assisting committee chairpersons in selecting qualified personnel for committee work;

b. Arrange for committee meetings and plan the agenda, along with the chairperson;

c. Prepare notices and reports or other needed material for an effective meeting;

d. Keep records of committee activities; and

e. Assist in gathering information needed by committees.

4. Manage the business affairs of the Chamber in the following manner:

a. Financial:

1. Review the day-to-day financial activities and ensure the funds are properly invested;

2. Control all expenditures as provided for within the budget;

3. Set up bookkeeping and record-keeping procedures that follow sound business practices;

4. Assist in preparing a yearly budget; and

5. Oversee the purchase and maintenance of office equipment and the office building in order to protect the Chamber's assets.

b. Record keeping: Ensure that proper and adequate legal and financial records are maintained and the organization is operated within the federal and state laws and regulations that pertain to it.

c. Personnel:

1. Recruits, hires, trains, supervises, motivates and, when necessary, terminates Chamber staff;

2. Manage the Chamber staff in a professional manner, supervising their activities and making certain their duties are clearly defined;

3. Know and understand the Office and Staff Procedures and Policies Manual and be certain that the staff is also familiar with it; and

4. Set up guidelines to govern operating procedures

5. Participate with volunteers in short-range and long-range planning for the implementation of the Chamber goals and mission, as determined and directed by the Board of Directors.

6. Represent the Chamber before public and private grounds and handle news releases about Chamber-related issues. Statements concerning controversial issues should have the knowledge and support of the Chairman or Board. Statements about partisan candidates or issues should not be made.

7. When practical, meet with and otherwise be involved with, other chambers or economic or business development groups in Northwest Louisiana to foster a spirit of regionalism and cooperation within our area.

8. Act as public relations representative to Chamber members, the public and with other organizations and governmental bodies. Maintain open communications with all groups.

9. Administer the business affairs of the Minden Economic Development Corporation, under the direction of its Board of Directors.

10. Administer the business affairs of the South Webster Industrial District under the direction of its Board of Directions by:

a. Assisting SWID officers in the disseminating information about the industrial park and in showing park sites to prospective industrial residents;

b. Work with prospects and SWID officers and state and local officials in efforts to obtain any funds, tax incentives, etc. that may be available; and

c. These duties may overlap with, and should be coordinated with, any Economic Development person serving our area.

11. Administer the Revolving Loan Fund by:

a. Delivering information to prospective applicants and aiding them in the application process;

b. Meeting with the Loan Committee to present new applications;

c. Collect payments from current borrowers, including efforts to collect delinquent payments while still giving every possible opportunity for success to the borrower;

d. Make periodic reports to the Chamber of Executive Committee, stressing to them the important of confidentiality. These reports should include the status of all loans, whether current or delinquent, balance outstanding, etc.;

e. Maintaining records of the meetings and actions taken;

f. Provide for accurate financial records of all loans and funds on hand; and

g. Meet all audit requirements of the governmental agencies that oversee this program.

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