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Oct 02nd

Jury votes to combat local litter

The theme of the Webster Parish Police Jury's Tuesday morning meeting centered on litter in the parish as the jurors approved several agenda items pertaining to combating litter in the parish.

The jury agreed to enter into an intergovernmental agreement with the Sheriff's Office on Litter Control. This agreement will allow the jury to have litter crews (made of Penal Farm prisoners and supervised by an officer) out clearing litter, underbrush and mowing on four 10 hour days and two eight hour days. The cost will be $20 an hour, which will go to the supervising officer.

"This will give us six days of mowing and litter control," said Charlie Odom, district 8 juror. "We need this to help with the litter in this parish."

The jury also approved holding a hearing to address the abandonment of J.D. Clayton Road.

According to District 3 juror Daniel Thomas, no one lives on this road, the houses are abandoned, the area looks "rough" and there is a lot of illegal activity (such as illegal trash dumping) happening.

"Residents are really wanting to close it," Thomas said. "If someone shows up and wants it to stay open, we may have to go to other means."

Other items focused on litter and speeding in the landfill. Odom moved to adopt an ordinance for zoning, which was unanimously approved.

He also asked for a public hearing ordinance to address the speeding issue at the landfill.

"There needs to be some kind of control out there," Odom said. "The speeding is very dangerous in that area."

The jury adopted a Hazard Mitigation Plan to be sent to FEMA.

"This is a renewal of our plan," said John Stanley, Director of the Webster Parish Office of Homeland Security. "Every five years we have to update the plan. We hired a contractor, went through the whole process of updating the plan, sent the plan to FEMA, they approved it and the only thing we have to do now is adopt it as our plan. Then, FEMA will sign off on the plan.

"This plan has to be in place for any municipality in the state that wants to receive help frorm the government in case of a disaster or emergency," he said.

Other agenda items approved included:

nSpringhill Press was adopted as the Official Journal of the Police Jury

nDellas #2, Get-N-Geaux was approved a beer permit

nJeffrey William Lair was reappointed to a two-year term to the Webster Parish Fire Protection District #4, Dubberly

n An amendment to the Burn Ban Ordinance was approved which gives authority to the Office of Homeland Security to issue and lift a burn ban in the event a Fire Chief is not available.






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