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Sep 30th

It is Indeed a Happy Holiday in Minden, and We Acknowledge that by Saying Merry Christmas

Without a doubt, Christmas is the most widely celebrated and eagerly anticipated holiday of the year. However, for quite some time now it seems that the 25th of December has been moving away from the reason it has been celebrated for some 2,000 years.

Some in our great nation want us to forget the reason for the season. For the better part of the late 20th Century, the rampant commercialism of this great day scratched and clawed to undermine and outshine the true purpose of Christmas.

Now, as America diversifies more and more and so many people of different beliefs begin calling the Land of the Free home, it is becoming widely popular to push the secularization of Christmas as a means to include and oust "silly traditions."

The desire to not offend one another has stretched so far and wide that is far more common to hear "happy holidays" before "Merry Christmas." Turn on the television at any given time if you don't believe.

Unfortunately, the secularists, in their push for blanket inclusion and desire to spare the feelings of every man, woman and child, have made one serious error – they have risked alienating and offending everyone who celebrates Christmas for its true meaning.

All holidays are rooted in history and tradition; that's why we celebrate them annually. It's a way of remembering those who came before us and made a difference in the world and for our way of life.

We have a reason to celebrate each holiday. Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, President's Day – they are all on our calendar for a reason.

If we apply the same secularist principle to other holidays that is being used to take the potentially offensive overtones out of Christmas, we would be forced to take the patriotic themes out of the Fourth of July because we would not want to offend anyone in our country who does not agree with the ideals of capitalism and a people throwing off the chains of oppression for freedom.

We would be forced to cease the celebration of President's Day because no single president has ever been supported by the population as a whole.

We would be forced to cease the celebration of Memorial Day and Veteran's Day because war is such a divisive issue and "those soldiers have all be wrong for participating."

We would be forced to cease the celebration of Labor Day because there are many people who would rather play for a living than actually make an honest wage to support their family.

The list goes on.

Applying the same rationale to other holidays as that so many now apply to Christmas is lunacy. And the same is true for the 25th of December.

Christmas is a time for joy, family togetherness and a chance to widely celebrate the birth of someone very special. In truth, that's all it is. The giving and receiving, the silver and gold, the tinsel and the trees are nice and enjoyable. They are the star on top of the tree, if you will. But that is all they are.

Please celebrate Christmas in whatever way you wish, or do not, that is your right. However, do not attempt to force away the religious aspects of the holiday and embrace solely the commercial aspect for secularist motives. If you do not wish to say Merry Christmas, so be it. But do not attempt to make your line of thought the line of thought for an entire nation. We will do the same.

And as for all of us who know the true meaning, like the good folks on the adjacent page, Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Be blessed.

And may God be with you on CHRISTmas Day.






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