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Sep 30th


This term always reminds me of the joke about a lightening bug whose tail was cut off by a lawn mower. He was "delighted"! He had an 'after-glow' for several hours until his glow burned out. Ha. We've all had 'feel good' experiences that were unexplainable! But don't you think we, too, experience after-glows in spiritual ways?

I think the disciples walking on the Road to Emmaus experienced an after-glow when they realized the stranger walking along-side of them was Jesus, the crucified and risen Savior. (Luke 24) Peter had an after-glow when he experienced the cleansing forgiveness after his denial of knowing Jesus.

The cock crowed and he wept in contrite confession. (Luke 22). The prodigal son, rushing home into the arms of his forgiving father, had an after-glow - a very emotional event. (Luke 15). And there are many more such accounts recorded in the Bible.

Many of us have had similar experiences. The Lord has shown Himself strong at various times and we marveled in the after-glow. The recent Senior Adult Revival and Mini-Chautauqua presented many moments for this. A warm presence of the Holy Spirit could be sensed each day as several hundred gathered to hear God's message for the hour, to receive inspired teachings, hear soul-stirring music and challenging mission reports that makes one reaffirm the Great Commission to 'win the world to Jesus Christ'.

To have the great opportunity of sitting under the preaching and teaching of Dr. Maalouf, Dr. Laird & Dr. Lemke was such rich substance. Ronnie Parker, Margaret Jones and the Voices of Praise provided a wonderful variety of gospel, praise and faith hymns. The Tebboths, Greenwiches, Lechners & Loretta Young updated and shared new perspectives of their work – to all four corners of the earth. Like Moses, coming down from the mountain after his encounter with God, surely we all are enjoying the after-glow.

Since we are this "light of the world", we should "may our lights shine brightly on the hillsides of life so men can see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven." (Matt 7) May this be our prayer each day as we serve the Lord.






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