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Sep 30th

Celebrating Spiritual Birthdays

It happened again. That Birthday phantom made a special delivery at our house earlier this week and dumped cake all over the place. It was a big cake. It's getting bigger and bigger each year. Thank goodness there were no candles on it to 'burn the house down'. But even more important than our chronological birthdays is our "Spiritual" ones. . Next Easter I will celebrate my 50th Spiritual Birthday which is much more significant to me. It has a guarantee attached to it.

It is exciting to hear Senior Adults give testimony of making the life-changing decision when a mere child. That Christian witness has reached across some 75-80 years -attending church, serving as teachers, deacons or mission leaders. Many have served well on committees, or elders or church visitors - ministering to grief stricken families, and being involved in the community of believers all these many years.What a rich heritage they pass on to their family and the next generations of church leaders. What a fulfilled life!

This, I think, is that "life abundant" Jesus speaks of this (John 10:10); "I am come that you may have life and have it more abundantly".

Consider, on the other hand, a senior adult who has lived that long, long life without the personal faith in Jesus. He may know "about God" but he does not know God through faith in His Son! It's like a train going full speed down a mountain with no destination in mind, just whistling in the dark, and where it ends up (pile of wreckage at the bottom of the mountain), there is going to "something terrible awaiting there". Maybe some good has been done during the years, but without Christ as the GPS to guide, divine wisdom is not a companion on this wild mountain ride. We see this repeated so often, even with Senior Adults who are now nearing life's end..

Contrast these two lives. Both are important to our Creator and the "plans He had for us" (Jeremiah 29:11). But the account of gathering the 'sheep and goats' (Matt.25:32), even a child can accurately guess which direction each will take at the time of judgment.

A relative in his late 80's recently celebrated this "new birth". Though it was assumed he was a long-time believer, one Sunday morning recently he stepped forward in that little country church, telling his friends there "I want to accept Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I want to be baptized into the fellowship of this church tonight." And he was. Scripture reminds us about the 'angels in heaven rejoicing over lost sheep when they are found by the Good Shepherd and safely brought into the sheepfold.' (Luke 15). It is still happening. Even on death beds, lives are being spiritually changed. This may be YOUR great opportunity!

Senior Adults throughout this area will have opportunities to gather and hear the Gospel Truth at the annual Chautauqua August 7-10. First Baptist has been hosting this gathering for seniors for more than 30 years. Though the format varies, still there is a combination of preaching, singing, Bible Study, missions, testimonies, and fellowship all tied up into this 4-day event. On the hot dry days, consider an "oasis" right in the middle of town, with cool, refreshing waters bubbling up and those who enjoy a cup of it (given in Jesus' name) will never thirst again, but can have life and have it more abundantly. We offer the water and will give everyone that comes a cup to drink it. What a great time to 'be born again'.(John 3:16).






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