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Oct 01st

MTAC Stingrays win first home swim meet


The MTAC Stingrays won their first home meet of the year on Wednesday, as they beat three other swim teams.

"We competed against East Ridge Country Club, Palmetto Country Club, and Southside Swim Club," MTAC swim coach Emily Walker said. "We placed first overall! This is the first time I can remember ever beating East Ridge! I am so excited and proud of all of my swimmers!! This was a total TEAM effort by everyone and proof that hard work pays off!"

Four swimmers also broke team records. Maddox Mandino broke the 6 & under boys 25 yard free, Emma Mayfield broke the 11 & 12 girls 50 yard breast., Cade Shaw broke the 11 & 12 boys 100 yard IM, 50 yard Butterfly, and 50 yard free. (broke all 3 indiviual events) and Evie Walker broke the 8 & Under Girls 25 yard Back.

Six & Under Mixed 100 Free Relay

Clair Waites, Maddox Mandino, Jake Wilkins, Alex Guin- 1st place; Colin Herndon, Alex Martin, Colin Campbell, Addison Fields- 2nd place; John Scott Phillips, Laci Beth Hough, Alexis Prince, Savannah Powell- 6th place and Connor Woods, Stella Powell, Sara Margaret Mosley, Caroline Floyd- 8th place

Eight & Under Girls 100 Medley Relay

Lily Spillers, Hollan Haynes, Madison McCullough, Evie Walker- 3rd place; Adeline Phillips, Kailey Gilliam, Emily Ramie, Brianna Brown- 4th place and Cheyene Moore, Madeline Dunn, Sarah Parnell, Macey Moseley- 6th place

Eight & Under Boys 100 Medley Relay

Carson Parker, Jackson Mayfield, Thomas Rhame, Carter Barnett- 4th place

Nine-10 Girls 100 Medley Relay

Kelsey Gilliam, Blair Eubanks, Madeline Frye, Ainsley Maness- 1st place and Mazie Lee, Samantha Sentell, Piper Mealey, Baylee Hough- 4th place

Nine-10 Boys 100 Medley Relay

Carson Fields, Beau Branch, Haynes Mandino, Coleson Shaw- 2nd place

11-12 Girls 200 Medley Relay

Ireland Carrigan, Emma Mayfield, Cassidy McKinney, Amelia Christy- 1st place

11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay

Braeden McLemore, Aiden Mealey, Cade Shaw, Cameron Shaw- 2nd place and Dylan Cone, Ben Branch, Josh Ramie, Jaryn Lindsay- 3rd place

13-14 Girls 200 Medley Relay

Kaylee Lindsay, Amanda McLemore, Ashley Rhame, Abbie Guin- 1st place

15-18 Boys 200 Medley Relay

Cherokee Edwards, Will Phillips, Quinton Martin, Jesse Cone- 1st place

Six & Under Girls 25 Free

2nd- Claire Waites, 5th- Alex Guin and 6th- Laci Beth Hough

Six & Under Boys 25 Free

1st-Maddox Mandino, 3rd- Alex Martin, 4th- Colin Herndon and 5th- Carter Barnett

Eight & Under Girls 25 Free 5th- Madison McCullough

Nine-10 Girls 50 Free

4th- Ainsley Maness

Nine-10 Boys 50 Free

1st- Haynes Mandino and 2nd- Beau Branch

11-12 Girls 50 Free

4th- Emma Mayfield and 5th- Amelia Christy

11-12 Boys 50 Free

1st- Cade Shaw and 6th- Cameron Shaw

13-14 Girls 50 Free

3rd- Kaylee Lindsay

13-14 Boys 50 Free

1st- Josh Wilkins

15-18 Girls 50 Free

3rd-Bailey Hassell

15-18 Boys 50 Free

2nd- Jesse Cone, 3rd-Thomas Booth, 4th- Will Phillips and 5th- Quinton Martin

Nine-10 Girls 100 IM

3rd- Blair Eubanks, 5th- Ainsley Maness and 6th-Madeline Frye

Nine-10 Boys 100 IM

3th- Haynes Mandino and 4th- Beau Branch

11-12 Girls 100 IM

3rd- Emma Mayfield and 4th- Cassidy McKinney

11-12 Boys 100 IM

2nd- Cade Shaw, 4th- Braeden McLemore and 5th- Ben Branch

13-14 Girls 100 IM

1st- Kenzie Taylor, 3rd- Ashley Rhame and 4th- Abbie Guin

15-18 Boys 100 IM

1st- Cherokee Edwards and 2nd- Quinton Martin

Six & Under Girls 25 Back 2nd- Alex Guin, 4th- Claire Waites and 5th- Caroline Floyd

Six & Under Boys 25 Back 1st- Maddox Mandino, 4th- Alex Martin and 6th- Colin Herndon

Eight & Under Girls 25 Back 3rd- Evie Walker and 4th- Lily Spillers

Nine-10 Boys 50 Back

5th- Carson Fields

11-12 Girls 50 Back

3rd- Cassidy McKinney

11-12 Boys 50 Back

6th- Dylan Cone

13-14 Girls 50 Back 3rd- Emily Rhame and 6th- Amanda McLemore

15-18 Boys 50 Back

1st- Cherokee Edwards, 2nd -Jesse Cone and 3th- Will Phillips

Eight & Under Girls 50 Free 2nd- Evie Walker, 3th- Adeline Phillips and 4th- Kailey Gilliam

Eight & Under Boys 50 Free 6th- Lewis Moore

Nine-10 Girls 100 Free

2nd- Baylee Hough, 5th- Darbie Walker and 6th- Madison Smith

Nine-10 Boys 100 Free

3rd- Carson Fields

11-12 Girls 100 Free

2nd- Amelia Christy and 6th- Ireland Carrigan

11-12 Boys 100 Free

1st- Cameron Shaw, 2nd- Dylan Cone, 4th- Jaryn Lindsay and 5th- Aidan Mealey

13-14 Girls 100 Free

1st- Kaylee Lindsay

13-14 Boys 100 Free

1st Josh Wilkins

15-18 Girls 100 Free

1st- Bailey Hassell

15-18 Boys 100 Free

1st- Thomas Booth, 2nd- Jesse Cone

Eight & Under Girls 25 Butterfly 3rd- Madison McCullough, 5th- Emily Ramie and 6th- Sarah Parnell

Eight & Under Boys 25 Butterfly 1st- Maddox Mandino and 4th- Thomas Rhame

Nine-10 Girls 50 Butterfly

1st- Blair Eubanks, 2nd- Ainsley Maness and 3rd- Madeline Frye

Nine-10 Boys 50 Butterfly

2nd- Haynes Mandino

11-12 Girls 50 Butterfly

5th- Cassidy McKinney

11-12 Boys 50 Butterfly

1st- Cade Shaw, 4th- Braeden McLemore and 5th- Josh Ramie

13-14 Girls 50 Butterfly

1st- Kenzie Taylor, 4th- Ashley Rhame and 5th- Emily Rhame

13-14 Boys 50 Butterfly

1st- Josh Wilkins

15-18 Boys 50 Butterfly

1st- Cherokee Edwards and 2nd- Quinton Martin

Eight & Under Girls 25 Breast 2nd- Kailey Gilliam and 5th- Hollan Haynes

Eight & Under Boys 25 Breast 2nd- Thomas Rhame, 5th- Carson Parker and 6th- Jackson Mayfield

Nine-10 Girls 50 Breast

3rd- Blair Eubanks, 4th- Madeline Frye, 5th- Samantha Sentell and 6th- Mazie Lee

Nine-10 Boys 50 Breast

2nd- Beau Branch and 4th- Coleson Shaw

11-12 Girls 50 Breast

1st- Emma Mayfield, 4th- Amelia Christy and 5th- Ashton Smith

11-12 Boys 50 Breast

1st- Braeden McLemore, 2nd- Cameron Shaw, 3rd- Aidan Mealey, 4th- Ben Branch and 5th- Josh Ramie

13-14 Girls 50 Breast

1st- Kenzie Taylor, 3rd- Amanda McLemore,5th- Abbie Guin and 6th- Kaylee Lindsay

15-18 Girls 50 Breast

1st- Bailey Hassell

15-18 Boys 50 Breast

1st- Thomas Booth and 2nd- Will Phillips

Eight & Under Girls 100 Free Relay

Evie Walker, Lily Spillers, Adeline Phillips, Madison McCullough- 2nd place; Hollan Haynes, Brianna Brown, Emily Ramie, Kailey Gilliam- 5th place; Cheyene Moore, Katelyn Massey, Sarah Parnell, Madeline Dunn- 7th place and Macey Moseley, Elynn Kate Boothe, Ryley Massey, Ella Floyd- 9th place

Eight & Under Boys 100 Free Relay

Carson Parker, Maddox Mandino, Jackson Mayfield, Thomas Rhame- 4th place and Carter Barnett, Lewis Moore, Colin Herndon, Jake Wilkins- 6th place

Nine-10 Girls 100 Free Relay

Madeline Frye, Mazie Lee, Blair Eubanks, Ainsley Mansess- 3rd place; Piper Mealey, Kelsey Gilliam, Darbie Walker, Baylee Hough- 6th place and Samantha Sentell, Alex Guin, Madison Smith, Mary-Holland Floyd- 8th place

Nine-10 Boys 100 Free Relay Carson Fields, Coleson Shaw, Haynes Mandino, Beau Branch- 2nd place

11-12 Girls 200 Free Relay

Emma Mayfield, Ireland Carrigan, Cassidy McKinney, Amelia Christy-1st place 11-12 Boys 200 Free Relay Jaryn Lindsay, Braeden McLemore, Cameron Shaw, Cade Shaw- 2nd place and Dylan Cone, Aidan Mealey, Ben Branch, Josh Ramie- 4th place

13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay Kaylee Lindsay, Amanda McLemore, Kenzie Taylor, Abbie Guin- 1st place

15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay

Thomas Booth, Quinton Martin, Jesse Cone, Cherokee Edwards- 1st place






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