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Sep 30th

Reader Gives thanks for Principal

Dear Editor:

In my journey of being an informed citizen, I was reading the Bienville Democrat and was pleased to see that the Community was saying many good things about you [the local principal] as it related to our public schools. It was great to hear that you were focused on getting back to the "basics" as well as keeping children up to date on the world's latest technology an changes.

Being a principal at an elementary school or high school is not an easy job. It's difficult to succeed because each child has different issues and needs. Each child is like your own child. A good father wants every child to succeed and leaves no one behind. The slow learner is as important to you as the fast learner; hoping the fast learner helps to bring the slow learner along. That is the truth mark of a great school of learning when each child helps the other.

A great ship master gets everybody to the other side. School Master, our Heavenly Father is very pleased. Keep up the good work.

Rev. Freddie J. Green

Mt. Calvary Baptist Church






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