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Oct 01st

Man bagged for burglary

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, but one man who was taking his intoxicated friend home, tested the boundaries of friendship and ended up in jail on a burglary charge.

Andrew Michael, 26, of the 800 block of Jack Martin Road, Dubberly was arrested early Saturday when a Minden police officer observed him leaving a Homer Road convenience store with a bag of cash.


Chief Steve Cropper said Officer Bryan King was patrolling Homer Road around 4 a.m. Saturday when he noticed a vehicle parked beside a closed gas station/convenience store.

“The officer pulled up to the vehicle and observed a person in the passenger seat who appeared to be intoxicated to the point where he could not answer questions or explain why he was there,” Cropper said. “The officer also noticed several beer cans in the car, including one that was open in a cup holder.”

About that time, a second man – Michael – walked around the corner of the store carrying a money bag and a sack of candy bars.

“Michael told the officer he had received a call from the guy who was in the vehicle, saying he had been to a party, was too drunk to drive and needed him (Michael) to come pick him up,” Cropper said.

The passenger is reportedly an employee of the convenience store where his mother is also the manager. He also has keys to the store.

“Michael said he had picked up the employee who indicated he had forgotten to make the deposit for the store that night after closing,” said the chief. “So, he had stopped by there to get the deposit.”

According to Cropper, Off. King knew this was not a true story because earlier in the evening, he had escorted another employee to the bank to make the night deposit.

King reportedly advised Michael he was under arrest and placed him in custody. Cropper said officers Justin King and Darrell Hughes arrived to assist, and Det. Chris Cheatham was called to interview Michael.

“The bank bag contained about $590 in loose change – one’s, five’s and ten-dollar bills – but no deposit slip,” Cropper said. “The officers made contact with the owner of the store and the manager (the passenger’s mother) and learned this was actually the start-up money for the next day. They said what Michael was doing was not an ordinary way to make a deposit, and (Michael) had no business being in the store.”

Cropper said the passenger/employee was unresponsive due to his intoxicated state, so an ambulance was dispatched and took him to Minden Medical Center. No charges were filed against him.

“He (passenger/employee) said he did not remember anything from that night, and definitely did not remember telling Michael they needed to get the money and make a deposit,” Cropper said.






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