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Oct 02nd

O Give Thanks Unto the Lord

It's true that many of us wait until this season to express thanks to our Heavenly Father for our infinite blessings. Words of the old hymn, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, remind us that life is full of God's love, mercy, grace and blessings. We should count them day-by-day! The beautiful canvas displaying God's handiwork surrounds us all day long - this makes it so easy to be in a state of 'thankfulness' each day,one would think.

In traveling around the area, this time of year, one can hardly escape the blessings of harvest time. Cotton enroute to the gin; rounds of hay headed to the barn or cattle stall, boxed sweet potatoes being trucked across the USA, butterflies gathering those last drops of nature's provision for them, and yellow wildflowers all around the roads - all point forth to His goodness and love for us. He really wants us to know He is near us and is available.

The Psalmist gives praise and thanksgiving throughout the book, but several passages really magnify the need to give personal thanks and praise. 105: Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name, make known all He has done...Sing to Him songs of praise, tell others of His wonderful acts, rejoice and remember the wonders He has done; 106:O, give thanks unto the Lord....for He is good; His love endures forever; 107: Give thanks for His unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men...exalt Him in the assembly of the people and praise Him among the elders.

There are many other references of His wondrous promises if we but give thanks and praise unto Him. His Word reminds that "every day is a day of Thanksgiving". As our families gather to celebrate this holiday, much discussion will center on the recent election, the 'acts of God' all around us, economy, wars and threats abroad, government policies and such. Let's make sure part of the conversation focuses on "God's goodness, forgiveness, salvation through Jesus Christ, His bountiful provisions of life, our freedoms we enjoy", and the blessings of family, church family and friends. Yes, this is a time to be thankful! So, let's "give thanks unto the Lord, for His goodness endures forever."






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