Minden Press-Herald

Sep 30th

A Moment of Panic


Neighborhood comes together to find missing toddler

A moment of panic struck a Minden neighborhood Thursday mid-morning when a child was reported missing on Murrell Street.

Calls to Minden Police Department were made after Carla Hubbard searched for her two-year-old child for approximately 15 minutes without success.

"I arrived on Murrell Street and spoke with a lady at the beauty shop, and she explained that a child had gone missing from his residence and the mother was looking for him, and she pointed down the street," said Officer First Class Joel Kendrick. "I stopped and talked to another lady who was looking for the child and they brought the mother to me."

Hubbard told Kendrick she had been working in the yard and her son was outside with her, playing with his push toy.

"She turned around and he was gone," Kendrick said. "She said normally he will stay in the back yard or on the front steps, but this time he was not in any of those locations."

Kendrick said when he arrived on scene the entire neighborhood was looking for the child.

"He had been missing for about 20 minutes by the time I talked to the mother, who was just in a major panic ... as any parent would be," he said. "She was afraid for the worst, that someone had taken her child and she would never see him again. She thought she had lost him forever. "

A description of the child was given and several participants began searching.

"Everyone in the area got involved," Kendrick said. "From First Baptist down to Rose-Neath – everyone in the area stopped what they were doing to help out.

"It is just a blessing to have that many people that care enough about their neighbors and it is a testament to what a close-knit community we have," he continued. "That a neighbor will drop whatever they are doing right then, even if it is important, to help out. It is an excellent thing."

The toddler was found approximately 10 minutes later under the house.

"He had crawled in a crawl space, and was playing in the dirt under the house," Kendrick said. "He was thirsty and dirty, but that was about it. He was happy to see momma, and momma was sure happy to see him. He was none the worst for wear, other than needing a bath. Thank God."

Kendrick said a report was filed documenting the incident, as is standard procedure. However, no charges are being filed against the mother.

"The report won't reflect negatively on her at all," he said. "These things happen. She was trying to do her yard work and watch her child at the same time. Kids do play and wander off or sometimes disappear. He did stay in his own yard like he was supposed to, but definitely in an unusual place."

Kendrick said the mother said she is going to have the access to the crawl space secured, so her son cannot get under the house again.






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