Minden Press-Herald

Sep 21st

End of year wrap-up is very satisfying

Sitting at my computer on a rainy day-after Christmas, I’m in the process of doing what I have done every year at this time for the past umpteen years.

I’m looking over the columns I’ve shared with you folks the last twelve months. Some brought a smile of satisfaction or a chuckle at something humorous; others caused my brow to furrow when recalling problems or bad news that came to my attention.

First, the bad, which can be summed up in one word – drought. In all my years, I don’t recall our part of the world being under such a siege as we watched hundred year old oaks die and ponds reduced to puddles from a total lack of moisture. I keep records of daily rainfall that tell the story. On June 21, my rain gauge recorded 2.8 inches. Except for a couple of brief showers over the next few months, the next measurable rain occurred on August 24 when we got just over an inch and two months later on October 27 when 1.85 inches fell. Add day after day of triple digit temperatures and it was a summer to forget.

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