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Oct 02nd

Mrs. Lormand's Chocolate Pie

In the Bridge City First Baptist Church, there were two Senior Adult Sunday school classes. Mac was the Department Head of the eldest group age 75+. One of the members, a long time member of that church, Mrs. Lormand, was a well respected and loved Christian lady. As she became older she slowly developed a hearing loss. Now anyone that is acquainted with Mac knows he has a clearly distinct, well spoken voice. Before classes began, Mac would make his announcements and present a short devotional.

Mrs. Lormand would loudly declare, "I can't hear a word he's sayin'!" Everyone would smile and just accept the fact that was Mrs. Lormand.

Long after her passing, we were attending the church's senior adult "Golden Harvest" monthly meeting. Before the scheduled program and business meeting, we would have a covered dish meal. It was a great opportunity to sample a multitude of delicious home prepared dishes. A friend and good cook, Imogene Elliot, brought two chocolate pies. Members were standing in line for a piece of that pie as quick as we could cut it until there was none left.

After the meeting, I went to Imogene and asked her if she was willing to share her chocolate pie recipe. That is when I learned it was originally Mrs. Lormand's recipe. Thanks to Imogene, I am pleased to honor Mrs. Lormand's memory by passing this KEEPER on to you this week. It is the best chocolate pie I have ever eaten.


(From Imogene's Elliott's recipe files)

2 cups sugar

8 level Tbsp. flour or cornstarch (Imogene

prefers using flour)

3 Tbsp. dark chocolate

6 eggs, separated

4 cups milk

Three-fourth stick margarine

One-fourth tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 baked pie shells, cooled (Imogene likes using the smooth edged metal pan & & fluting the crust before baking)

One-fourth cup sugar

Mix sugar, flour, and chocolate. Beat egg yolks into milk and pour into flour mixture. Stir in margarine and salt. Cook until it thickens. Add vanilla. Pour into baked pie shells. Beat egg whites until stiff then add one-fourth cup sugar. Spread meringue over top of chocolate pies. Bake at 350o until meringue is light brown.

NOTE: Since I am not fond of meringue, I would probably substitute whipped topping to cooled pie.






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